Stranger Thongs: A History of Underwear

Underwear is quite an interesting piece of clothing. Some people even have a pair of lucky underwear that they need to wear while playing their favourite sport or online bingo games to manifest good fortune. With an interesting history, the invention of underwear is worth exploring. Let’s find out how it came to be that both men and women wear underwear, unless they choose to go commando – no judgement here!

Early underwear

Way before the days of bingo sites and online slots, the ancient Egyptians wore loincloths. In ancient Rome, citizens wore shorts known as subligaculum – a unisex garment made of leather and sometimes linen. These garments were also worn by gladiators, actors and soldiers. Female performers are also known to have worn an additional boob tube-style garment (strophium) to protect their modesty.

Underwear in the 19th century

During the early- to mid-19th century, men and women wore bifurcated drawers with separate legs, which is a loose type of knee-length trousers suspended from the waist. In the mid-to-late-19th century, closed crotched underpants for women called pantalettes emerged. It’s rather interesting to note the evolution of underwear in relation to what women were allowed to do in society. In the early 1900s, women were expected to dress in multiple layers of undergarments, including chemise and drawers, which were completed by a very constrictive corset. Parallel to the underwear, more women undertook physical labour in factories, mines and farms during the world war, which led to the need for utilitarian garments.

Loose trousers and boiler suits would then lead to the invention of the knickers, which we all know today. Women began wearing knickers around 1916. Around the 1920s, the corset was gradually replaced by less restrictive undergarments that consisted of elastic, like the girdle and “step-ins”.

The year 1930 saw the introduction of latex – a rubber yarn that made it possible for undergarments to become more figure-hugging. Fast forward to 1959, when lycra was introduced. Lycra is combined with cotton or nylon to make the undergarment strong and stretchable. People were also more body-conscious, which meant that the underpants would fit to complement both men’s and women’s figures.

What does the future hold for our underwear?

With this brief – excuse the pun – history of underwear, it’s interesting to note how it has changed so drastically. Underwear design was also influenced by society's expectations of women’s modesty. As that changed, so did the design and quite noticeably the length of underwear. Now, with so many rapid advancements in fibre technology as well as knitting manufacturing, we have a wide variety of underwear that is highly fashionable.

When it comes to underwear, you can really stretch your wildest imagination and bring it to life. What started as a simple loincloth is now one of the most fashionable garments in the world, which often reflects our personality and comfortability. Top celebrities known for their pants also often influence our underwear purchases. Our choice of underwear for the day can often also be the thing that enhances our mood and makes us feel good.

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/ 11 January 2022