Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

As much as we like to play online bingo, it’s also necessary to take the time to handle your other responsibilities. One of the things you might need to do before settling in for a fantastic gaming session is to make sure your home is neat and tidy. Here are some tips to help you get the work out of the way so you can play bingo!

Tip 1. Only keep out what you intend to use

Whether it’s summer and you’ve got a pile of blankets and a fan heater piled up on a chair, or it’s winter and you’ve got your beach ball and cricket bat sitting in the playroom, it’s important that you only keep out the things you need for a specific time of year. Whatever they may be, out-of-season items should have dedicated storage space so you don’t have to leave them lying around your living space. This doesn’t just apply to household items, but also clothes, which should be taken out or put away, as necessary. Speaking of clothes…

Tip 2. Regularly take stock of what you have

Remember that snazzy jacket you bought at the end of winter two years ago because it was an end-of-season special? You might also remember how you’ve never taken it off the hanger, and how it’s kept your cupboard space nice and toasty through the whole of last winter.

Don’t get us wrong: clothes are undoubtedly wonderful, but far too many of us succumb to great deals, only for the “must-haves” to sit and gather dust most of the time. This is why it’s important to resist that unbelievable deal (you can do it!). Instead, go home, open your cupboards, and take stock of what you actually have.

If you have any clothes that you haven’t used in a year, be sure to separate them from the clothes that you have used in the past 12 months so you can decide whether you should keep them or get rid of them. If you have any odd items, like a single sock or glove, consider whether they can be used for cleaning or whether you should throw them away.

Let’s go back to the pile of clothes that you’ve put aside because you’ve never worn them, you’ve gone off them, can’t get into them any more or they’re too old for you to wear: consider donating them to a charity shop, or even hosting your own garden or car boot sale. Remember if any of the garments are too worn out for this, you can always donate them to a clothes bank, which often makes use of the fabrics rather than the full garments.

While we’ve talked exclusively about clothes here, the idea of taking stock of what you have not only applies to clothes, but all items around your house, including food, board games (hang on to the bingo games though!), books, and medicine. Be sure to give all your cupboards, fridge, and shelves a thorough search for anything that you may not want or need anymore, so you can either find a new home for it, reorganise where it currently is – or simply get rid of it. Just a heads up: when it comes to certain items (for example, medicines, batteries and even some electronics), you should look up how to dispose of them, because there are often specific rules about how to do this safely.

Tip 3. With unnecessary things out of the way, it’s time to clean!

Whether you’re doing a full clean on your home, or just sorting out some particularly untidy rooms or spaces, deciding what things you do and don’t need will make it easier for you to tackle the next part of the job: cleaning. Begin by dusting any surfaces, furniture and objects that need it, bearing in mind any remaining dust will end up on your floor (so go from the top down). Be sure to tackle every surface you can reach, including light bulbs, tables, and window sills. You may even have a few cobwebs in the ceiling corners!

Once you’ve finished dusting, get the vacuum cleaner out (or mop the floors, depending on your home)! You may need to move some furniture to do this properly, so keep that in mind and ask for help before you try to move a bookshelf or dining table on your own. (No one wants to nurse an injury from housework when they could be playing bingo games instead!)

Tip 4. Make sure you have the right storage

With the house now sparklingly clean, you may find you’re left with piles of items that you need to properly store in your home. Unless you have the right amount of cupboard space, or, if you’re lucky enough, a storage room to keep things in, you’re going to need some clever storage solutions. Here are some useful things that you might want to consider for storing different household items:

Plastic crates – The most important thing you’ll likely need to win your battle against clutter is plastic crates (ideally stackable ones, if you can get them). You’ll want these to be see-through so you’ll at least have an idea of what’s inside each and every container without looking inside them, but you can always get regular plastic storage bins and label them if you can’t get translucent ones.

Shelves – Even without dedicated storage space, you’ll want adequate shelving to store your plastic crates on. This will avoid any awkward situations where you see the items you need, but they’re stuck under a stack of plastic crates, meaning you have to take down each and every one just to reach what you want. Try to find the most suitable place to put them up, and enlist the help of a friend if you’re not big on DIY!

Giant Ziploc bags – Certain items may not fit well in plastic crates, or may be more conveniently stored in bags, which is why we recommend you get your hands on some giant Ziploc bags. These may not stack as well but can be great for storing bulky items such as blankets and bedding that need extra protection while they’re on a shelf. Some of these bags can be “vacuum-sealed”, which really helps to pack down the contents (it’s quite fun sucking the air out of the bags using your vacuum cleaner, too!).

Labels – Labels, labels, labels! Be sure to stick these on all your storage containers, particularly if they’re not see-through, so you can find things more quickly. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated storage room, it’s a good idea to make a list of what you’ve piled into it, because a few months down the line, you won’t have a clue what’s in there!

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/ 27 July 2021