Review: 90 ball bingo

What do Australia, New Zealand, and the UK have in common? Well, there’s the fact that we’re all islands, but that’s not really what we’re going for here! One of the things that unite us fine island folk from around the world is our love of 90 ball bingo.





Now, you might be wondering what it is that makes this version of the game the dogs bollocks — successful both in bingo halls and on online bingo sites around the world. Well, folks, that’s exactly what we’re here to let you in on.

How did 90 ball bingo games originate?

90 ball bingo has had a long and arduous journey to get where it is today. We have a lot to thank the Italians for — mainly their gift of pizza and pasta to the world. However, it also seems like bingo has its origins rooted in Italy too, in a version known as “Il Gioco del Lotto d'Italia” from the 1530s.

From there, it seems bingo decided a little holiday over the border to France would be on the cards for the summer. It actually quite liked France and decided to make itself home amongst the aristocratic society and change its name to “Le Lotto”. It’s at this point that the travel bug really bit, and bingo made its way across Europe and into Britain.

Bingo has been a staple British pastime ever since and who can blame the game for making itself at home in the UK? Bingo is adored by fans all over the country, with shrines (bingo halls) built in its honour and now an exciting evolution into online bingo games that have improved its popularity even more. What more could a game ask for?

The basic rules of play

What’s the first rule of 90 ball bingo? Know the rules. 90 ball bingo’s card has a 3x9 grid, with 15 random numbers between 1 and 90. Despite recent times, us Brits really aren’t too keen on chaos, so the random numbers on the card are not simply placed there helter-skelter. Each set of numbers belongs to a column; for example, the first column has numbers 1-9, the second column has between 10 and 19—we’re sure you get the gist.

Now enough of the boring stuff, let’s get onto the fun stuff: winning.

“Sharing is caring” could be the motto of 90 ball bingo as there are a whopping three winners per game. The player that manages to complete three lines gets a Full House and due to the high esteem of this win, they also get the biggest prize. Not to be left out, those that complete one or two lines also get their smaller, yet just as satisfying prizes.

All you have to do to win is simply keep your eye on your lines and if you’ve completed any number of lines, scream “BINGO!” and try not to worry about the scathing looks you receive from sore losers. The best bingo sites will do this for you automatically, but feel free to still shout your “bingo” out loud and proud at home. Your cats may jump three feet in the air, but shouting when you win is part of the fun.

Pros and cons

From our point of view, the more balls the better, but if that's not to everyone’s flavour, here are some of the pros and cons of 90 ball bingo:

  • It’s fast: If there was ever a need for speed then 90 ball bingo is it. The game is played at a much faster pace, so bingo adrenaline junkies thrive under the pressure of keeping up.
  • You have to concentrate: Bingo can be great for your brain and what’s the fun in playing if you only need to use half an ear? 90 ball bingo calls for greater concentration than other versions due to the speed of the game and the hefty ball count.
  • Three winners: A win is a win in our book, whether you get the grand prize or more of a consolation third-place prize. There are more opportunities to win in 90 ball bingo, but this also means that you’ll have to split the prize money three ways.

Tips and strategies

Sure, bingo is largely a game of luck, but if you’d like to woo Lady Luck into giving you the upper hand then this is what you need to do:

  • Know the rules: This is the best way to make sure you play properly and don’t get disqualified or have to deal with disgruntled fellow players.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for promotions: Different bingo clubs and bingo sites will have unique games, promotions and bonuses to take advantage of. Keep an eye out for these; they may not guarantee a win but they’ll certainly make better use of your buy-in money. A common promotion is a 2 for 1 special (on the bingo, not drinks).
  • Play in off-peak hours: It’s generally a good thing when we’ve hit our peak, whether that’s in our body, mind, or skill levels. However, it’s best to avoid peaking in bingo. We’re talking about hours of course, and not skill. The fewer people you play with, the higher the odds are that you’ll walk away with a win.
  • Play to your budget: While it may be tempting, it’s probably not worth blowing your life’s investments on a few rounds of bingo so it’s best to have a budget in mind. Choose to play games that are in line with your budget and that way you’ll be able to play more games. More games = more opportunities to win.
  • Play with multiple cards: Variety really is the spice of life and playing with multiple cards will certainly give Lady Luck a nudge in your direction. Just like on Valentine’s Day, you have more chance of getting lucky if you’ve received more than one card. Keep in mind that you’ll have to be a bit more switched on to handle this. So if you’re having one of those days where the lights are on but nobody’s home (you know what we mean), then it might be best to stick to one or two cards.

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Lisa Stormings / 22 October 2020