Responsible Gaming Dos and Don'ts

Listen, we aren’t here to tell you what you can and can’t do, but we want to make sure you keep it safe whilst you try your hand at a bit of gaming, such as online bingo or slots.





So here’s our very handy list of do’s and don’ts for responsible online gambling:

Do set a budget

Budgets might not sound fun but they are a simple and effective way to stay in control while you play. And we’re not talking about the kind of budget you might set for the pub (where you say “just one” but it turns into ten and a Big Mac Meal at midnight on the way home). It’s important that you set yourself a strict budget that is affordable for each session and stick to it. When that’s up, you pack up and watch some telly instead.

Don’t use important money or money you don’t have

Money for playing bingo games and other online gambling should never come from the same budget category as rent, bills, groceries and your child’s education fund. It falls into that little extra category that you would use for buying luxuries. And borrowing money to gamble is a definite no-no. Remember, it’s just a bit of fun, not a necessity, and should be treated as such.

If you have concerns about the money you’re spending on gaming, find help here.

Do set a time limit

We get it. It’s easy to get sucked into playing a game you enjoy online. Gambling is fun, it’s entertaining and it can win you some money, but at the end of the day, it’s also addictive and can end up costing you a lot more than just a few quid if you don’t have control of it.

Set a limit of an hour or so a day that you can spend on your favourite online bingo site and once your time is up, that’s it!

Don’t gamble if you’re drunk

Doing anything under the influence can cloud your judgement and make keeping your emotions in-check that much harder. The odd cheeky glass of wine or beer here and there whilst spinning the reels might be ok, but any more than that is going to negatively affect your ability to play online. Remember crying over dropping that chicken nugget? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about, but this is on a much more serious scale. So make sure when you’re playing you have a clear head.

Do chat to other players and chat hosts

We’re a nice bunch over at Lucky Pants Bingo. Yes, we’re disarmingly good looking too, if we do say so ourselves. However, all of our staff are chosen for their ability to banter and keep up their end of the conversation stick. Oh, also for their work ethic. Other players are DTC too. That means Down To Chat, in case your lingo isn’t up to scratch. Your experience will be a lot more fun when you have a few friends to keep you company.

Don’t talk about things you shouldn’t talk about

Most people play online games like bingo to try and get a little break from our hectic everyday world. So let’s keep the chats friendly, funny and light-hearted.

No racism, sexism, homophobia or bullying will be tolerated at all in online chat groups. If you want to get removed by the moderator then this is a sure way to go about it.

Remember, it’s nice to be nice.

Do know that you will lose at some stage

No one likes to lose, but the fact is that sometimes it’s just not going to be your day. You are going to lose at some point and it’s best to be mentally prepared for it. You know those toddlers throwing themselves on the floor at Waitrose? That’s what sore losers look like and you don’t want that.

Knowing and preparing for loss helps keep your emotions in check and stops you from blowing your entire budget (and more) trying to win it back. If you’re losing, don’t try to chase your losses – take a break and maybe come back another day to see if you have better luck.

Do play with Lucky Pants Bingo

Your online experience is only going to be as good as the bingo site that you use. Finding the best online bingo platform to play on is key to online gambling and games. And finding one that cares about helping you to play safe and stay safe is the most important part of that. At Lucky Pants Bingo, we have everything you need and more! Slots, Bingo, Slingo bingo and the coolest community on the block, which make us a firm favourite with players all over the UK! We also support responsible gaming and you can find the resources you need to seek help, at any time.

/ 23 November 2020