6 Reasons to Play Slingo

Do you like to play slots online? Do you also love to play bingo? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Slingo. Find out more about this unique game of chance and why so many people love to play it.

What is Slingo?

Starting out with any new game can be difficult to understand, and a game like Slingo that combines the elements of two other games can seem particularly bizarre. However, once you’ve got to grips with this hybrid game and played it a few times, you’ll quickly realise that it is one of the simplest casino games out there. To put the cherry on top, it’s also a whole heap of fun.

All you need to do to understand Slingo is to imagine a game that takes all the best elements of online bingo games and combines them with the best parts of online slots into a single game. At its core, the aim of the game stays true to bingo, in that you have to fill out specific patterns or fill a bingo card, or form some sort of winning combination. Instead of waiting and watching for numbers to appear and crossing them off your card, however, you will spin the reels and winning combinations will be scratched off your card automatically.

Why do people love Slingo so much?

Slingo has become exceedingly popular since its inception (it might surprise you to know that Slingo’s been around for more than 20 years!) and the number of people that enjoy playing the game just keeps increasing. So, what is it that makes Slingo such a fun game that brings people back to play time and again? Let’s take a look at five reasons, shall we?

1. It combines the excitement of slots and bingo

Bingo and slots are two of the most popular online casino games out there. Any game that combines the best elements of the two is bound to be a success, because this unique format lets you play exciting versions of both games, all in one go.

2. It’s easy to pick up and play

Slingo combines the simplicity of slots and bingo, making it easier to play than many other gambling games. You won’t find any overly complicated mini games or extra features to bog you down, just a straightforward but exciting game of chance that lets you try your luck and have fun while you’re at it.

Although there are different types of Slingo, the basic, classic version simply has a 5x5 grid with 25 random numbers in a traditional 75-ball bingo format. You’ll see a single-line “slot” mechanic at the bottom of the screen, which will display five numbers on every spin. The idea is to chalk off as many numbers from your grid on your card in the number of spins that you have in each game, which is normally 10.

Prizes differ from game to game, and you could win immediate cash prizes, or points that add up to a cash prize at the end of your session, and so on. You might even be able to land bonus symbols on your slot line, too!

4. There’s a huge variety of Slingo games

Where Slingo once referred to a single game, it has now expanded into a whole genre of its own that includes dozens of exciting casino titles and many different themes. For example, players can enjoy the original game with Slingo Classic, head off into space with Slingo Starburst, try out something Christmas-themed with Slingo Bell (though it depends how year-round they like their festivities), or give one of the many other exciting Slingo-related experiences a go.

5. Players can enjoy great Slingo promotions

At Lucky Pants Bingo, we know how much people love Slingo, which is why we regularly offer promotions so that players get even more play for their pound. Our current promotion is the Double Your Dough Slingo offer, which offers you a £10 Slingo bonus when you deposit at least £10. That’s right: all you need to do is deposit £10 and you will immediately receive £10 to play Slingo automatically! (Always read the terms and conditions before signing up.)

Be sure to keep an eye out on our more general promo page for more exciting Slingo and other gambling game offers so you don’t miss out.

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/ 08 February 2022