Outdoor Activities to Enjoy with Friends and Family

While many people are content with a relaxing weekend playing online bingo and slot games, there are those who long for adventure and the great outdoors. We may not understand these people (with bingo being ever so satisfying), but we recognise that a few simple outdoor activities closer to home can be just as fun, especially when shared with friends and family!

Below, we’ll explore 10 fun activities that will get you and your friends outdoors, and while most of these activities require that you put some trousers on, we’ll do our best to ensure that they’re worth leaving the house for.

1. Have a picnic

Sunshine offers a host of benefits, from stress reduction to increased vitamin D and energy levels. And then, of course, there’s the food. Delicious picnic treats like cakes and tarts, fresh-pressed juice and cheese platters, hummus and baguettes… the list goes on. The idea of spending a midsummer’s afternoon at a beautiful park noshing on plenty of snacks is enough to get us going!

Oh yes, we almost forgot about the company. Friends are great, too. Perhaps not as great as ice cream, but great, nonetheless. All in all, sunshine, food, and good company make picnics a great outdoor activity. Just don’t forget the blanket, because it adds a comfort factor like none other!

2. Host a backyard movie night

When the weather allows it, an outdoor cinema is in store! You’ll need to buy or rent a projector and a large screen (a big white sheet tied between two poles will work too) and organise a suitable sound system, as well as a laptop to play your movie from. Gather some blankets and cushions, and of course, popcorn and candy, and choose a film that everyone will enjoy – comedies are a safe bet unless your movie night is theme-specific! This is a great way to do something different that’s still accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved.

3. Go hiking

Hiking is a great way to stay healthy while enjoying beautiful scenery and the benefits of nature. Depending on your fitness levels and time availability, you could choose anywhere between an hour to a full day hike or even an overnight adventure!

Whether you choose to drive an hour or two into the countryside or explore your local nature reserve, make sure you stay hydrated, have sunscreen and other necessities handy, and choose the right hiking buddies – complainers are best left to gatherings with easy-exit access!

4. Visit the farmers market

A trip to the local farmers market offers a fun family outing, with plenty of hidden edible gems awaiting your discovery. Grab a freshly roasted coffee and some homemade pancakes, and stroll through the market to find fresh produce, delicious preserves and baked goods. This activity has a real feel-good factor, too, because you’ll be supporting local farmers and agricultural businesses.

5. Play some sports

Whether you’re into football, golf, or cricket, spending the day with your mates playing a sport you all enjoy is a great way to bond. You could also go for something a little more adventurous like paintball, where it’s fair game for everyone!

6. Go on an adventure

Following the previous suggestion, you could also try out an “adventure sport” such as rock climbing, skiing, rafting/canoeing, or horseback riding, depending on what’s available near you. Most of these will require a professional guide and will give you and your family or friends the opportunity to try something together for the first time. You may even discover a shared passion and start a new tradition!

7. Make a bonfire

Did someone say s’mores? Sweet crackers, marshmallows and chocolate toasted up nicely by a blazing fire under the stars, with some great friends, fun banter, and fireside music will make for a wholesome, memorable summer night!

You could make your own bonfire or – if you’re really into it – invest in a fire pit for your garden. Just make sure you don’t annoy your neighbours with smoke and fumes! Note, too, that you should restrict the waste you burn to dry (not green) wood, clean timber, cardboard and paper.

8. Plant some trees

Planting trees is a great activity to do by yourself or to involve your friends in. Growing trees is not only a richly rewarding activity, it also benefits the planet and future generations! Do some research to discover what trees grow well in your area and climate, and get ready to get your hands dirty!

9. Take part in a family photoshoot

While the idea may make you cringe, with flashbacks of the whole family wearing the same ugly sweaters, posing awkwardly against a velvet backdrop, modern photoshoots aren’t nearly as embarrassing, and can actually be a lot of fun!

Family photoshoots can be done in your home or, more popularly, in a beautiful area of nature, whether at a park or on the beach (go for early-morning or late-afternoon timing because the light is more flattering). They can capture cherished memories and give you something tangible to look back on and appreciate. And with PhotoShop and filters being so advanced, the finished results probably make you feel good about yourself, too!

10. Play ‘lawn’ Twister

Ready to get rowdy? “Lawn” Twister is just the game to play! While traditional Twister is of course done on a plastic mat, lawn Twister is done by spray-painting the colourful circles into the lawn (make sure to use actual lawn paint so you can wash it away when you’re done), and then the usual mayhem ensues. This crazy game is best attempted with some playful (and flexible) friends… 

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/ 31 August 2021