Ideas for Fun Activities to Do On a First Date

First dates can be some of the most enjoyable experiences of your life, or also the most awkward, or awful! In today’s dating world, it’s common to chat to someone a bit before going on a date with them, but even so, meeting up face to face, even on a video platform, can be very nerve-wracking!

If you met your potential partner while playing online bingo, we’d say there is a lot of common ground to work with already. If not, here are some suggestions for a fun day or night out that could help pave the way for a fulfilling relationship (or a bit of fun, depending on what you’re looking for).

4 Fun Activities for Your First Date Night

A first date typically includes dinner and a film, but sitting in a cinema next to someone you don’t know, and can’t chat to, can be a bit frustrating. Going out for a meal on a first date can also be enjoyable, but trying to talk, eat and answer questions at the same time can be a bit challenging.

But what, then, are the best activities to do on potentially the most cringeworthy of dates? Besides playing more bingo games together, which you know we’re a fan of, why not try these alternative suggestions below?

1. Go for a walk

A walk is one of the most simple and enjoyable activities to do on a first date. You can go for a stroll anywhere, whether it’s just around your neighbourhood, in a park or botanical garden, or along a particularly picturesque seaside path with a stunning view. Add in a sunrise or sunset for extra romantic vibes and to create an ideal selfie background! If you’re both a bit more active, you could also go for a hike (although we don’t recommend going anywhere too remote, for safety reasons).

According to psychological research, while going for a walk with someone, you naturally start to synchronise your movements, which can also lead to mental and emotional synchronicity. With all of this synchronicity going on, you’re inclined to feel more connected to the other person and be more cooperative, so the walk could lead to you spending the whole day together, or more! You’ll also get a feel for their love of the outdoors, so it’s a chance to see how compatible you might be.

2. Play a game

Yes, yes, as a bingo site, you already know we’re going to suggest playing bingo together, so now that that’s out of the way (and it’s a great suggestion, we might add), you can also start to consider some other game types to add to your list. Many can be played online if you’re still taking things slow. If you’re both very into gaming, you could get to know each other pretty well by playing a shared game on your respective consoles!

If you’re ready for an in-person hangout, a visit to an arcade could be super fun too, with many different options available, from bowling to random button-slamming and hoping for the best with a street-fighter-style game. Of course, if you actually know how to play fighter-style games, your approach may be more strategic. Either way, there’ll be a lot of fun things to do, and no doubt a nearby bar or coffee shop to repair to for a drink afterwards!

3. Visit a museum

One of the best parts of visiting a museum with someone you’re getting to know is that there’ll be lots of opportunities to build a conversation around all the interesting things you’re seeing. In a particularly serious museum, you might not even be encouraged to talk at all, which could lead to a lot of anticipation as you build up a list of cultural things to discuss afterwards over coffee and cake at the museum café (which is a good thing).

Whether you’re interested in abstract art or steam train collections, you can go wild with your preferences, here. (Bingo or gaming museum maybe? OK… it was worth a try!) Depending on where you live, there are probably dozens of places to visit. If you live in a big city with lots of famous museums, this could also be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to go and see that exhibit you’ve been meaning to for ages. Or, you can check out something completely new (which could be the desired bonding experience you’ve been looking for or at least something to laugh about)!

4. Take a class together

This one is a gamble, as you’ll soon find out if you and your date are on the same page a few minutes into sitting behind that pottery wheel, or as you arrive at your art class only to find out that you’re going to be doing a charcoal drawing of a nude – just kidding, that might not be the best idea! Also, you’ve probably been chatting for a bit on your phones or online before going out, so you can decide on an activity together beforehand.

Cooking classes, yoga, rock climbing or even learning something very niche could offer you both some interesting insights into each other’s personalities. Are they domineering and like to be in control when it comes to chopping all the vegetables, or are you both good at communicating to each other what needs to be done around the stove? Are they open-minded and keen to try new things, or are they going to be more eager to stay in and play online slots than get an early night and go boulder-clambering at the crack of dawn? (We’d prefer the slots fan, but that might just be us.)

Either way, taking part in a shared activity that’s a bit out of both your comfort zones can tell you a lot about a person, and can highlight any potential red flags early on!

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/ 11 August 2021