How to Redecorate Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

 If you enjoy playing online bingo at home, you might have been thinking about switching up the decor in all parts of your house, not just your study or games room. If you’re looking for a bit of home improvement, here are some tips to help you uplift your surroundings, both indoors and outdoors, without spending too much money.

7 tips for enhancing your indoor and outdoor space

You don’t have to become a DIY craft wizard overnight to make a noticeable change in your home. All you need are a few tips and tricks for switching things up and adding a bit of novelty to what may have become an uninspiring environment. Here are some pointers for redecorating your abode, which is enjoyable to do, and won’t pull too hard on those purse strings.

1. Upcycle where you can

Who needs to go out and buy new and expensive furniture when you can upcycle? If you’re prepared to put in a little bit of effort, you can find some very solid vintage finds at flea markets and even charity stores (haggle on the price, too!). The items might need a bit of love before you’re able to use or sit on them, but when you look around at all the bargains you’ve found, you’ll really appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

You could even put your well-honed shouting skills from playing bingo games to good use by shouting out prices for furniture items at a local auction instead! For those willing to do a bit of research (and look a bit silly holding up a plastic paddle), you might find yourself walking away with a few classy finds for a song!

2. Add a lick of paint

Sometimes you don’t need to go out and buy anything to redecorate your pad, either – well, except maybe for sandpaper, paintbrush, and some paint. A coat of paint can uplift just about anything from old chairs, tables and shelves, to walls and even ceilings. A splash of colour can really transform a space, and going to pick out different Pantones can be very fun – who knew there were so many different shades of the same colours? You could start with tester pots or take the plunge and go straight in with a big can or two!

Besides just a solid wash of colour, you could also add texture and interest by trying out different effects, including handmade stencils and patterns that can make it look as though you’ve added some wallpaper when you’ve actually just had a lot of fun painting.

3. Focus on the smaller details

When you’re looking to make a change, you don’t need to up and move to Bali – you can make a huge difference just by switching up a few things in your home. It’s a bit like how a few small clicks when you’re playing online slots could lead to winning a jackpot (only if you’re very lucky, of course)!

For example, instead of buying a whole new sofa, you could just add some beautifully covered cushions or throws to jazz things up. Updating a lampshade, or even just replacing your cupboard door handles with different knobs can create a big shift, which you’ll appreciate every time you reach into that drawer.

Can’t afford to redo all your floors? You can opt for inexpensive laminate floor coverings, or maybe a rug for an instant fresh look. Innovative tile stickers can also help you to redo your kitchen without having to knock out and retile.

4. Add some shelves

You might think that you need to buy a whole lot of new stuff to elevate your decor, but how many beautiful things do you have hiding in a cupboard that could be put on display? By installing some inexpensive floating shelves, or even just buying a simple shelf and doing it up, you can create a whole new feature in your home, which could also conveniently serve as storage.

Some ideas of items to display include glassware, books, or even collectables that you’ve found over the years. Yes, you’ve kept them in a box because you thought you had nowhere to put them, but now you do! What’s more, you can even add some photos to the top of these cupboards/shelves to add some reminders of happy memories to the room.

5. Liven things up with some greenery

Apart from tidying up your garden (if you have one) and bringing in some pretty blooms from the outdoors to decorate your space, you can also add life to your inner sanctum with some plants. If you don’t have green fingers, you can always use fake plants too, as these are now designed to look incredibly realistic. You’ll be amazed how seeing a bit more green around you can lift your spirits!

While bringing in plants from the outdoors is one way to do it, you could also choose to focus your energy on sprucing up an outdoor area, by adding a colourful pot plant, or even solar lights for a pretty evening glow. Just as you can update inside furniture, you can do the same with your outdoor furnishings, too!

6. Adjust the lighting

Lighting is so important in a home, as we all know how drab and lifeless rooms without windows can be. If you live in a smaller space, you can bring in points of light on a budget by putting up fairy lights, or even setting up a candle corner, which will add some much-needed ambience to a dull space.

This tip can also be applied to the outdoors, whether you have a garden, or even just a balcony or sunroom. While you’ll need to make sure you don’t set anything on fire, inexpensive bamboo torches can add some mood lighting in a garden in the evenings and might make you feel like you’re somewhere warm and exotic, like Bali (even if it’s just for a moment).

7. Hang more mirrors

Simple features, like mirrors, can also shift the focal point of a room and make them feel much bigger, not only from the changed perspectives but also the amount of extra light they bounce around. Using mirror glass and simple frames from a charity store, you can create elegant statement pieces that aren’t only a handy place to check your appearance, but can also be used as trays on your coffee table (and create quite a dramatic effect in the evening if you stand lit candles on them).

They might not be able to tell you that you are, in fact, the fairest of them all (which we know you are), but with all the redecorating done and dusted, it’s now time to sit back, relax and enjoy some entertainment at your favourite bingo site!

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/ 20 August 2021