How to Make Your Own Bingo Set

Let’s be honest — we’re spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to. Maybe you’ve been one of those really proactive stay-at-home types and you’ve renovated your house or redone your garden. Perhaps you’re loving spending more time with your family and pets. Or you could be like the rest of us and have started off brightly just to realize that baking bread loses its charm after a while.


 Luckily for us, technology has meant that this whole strange year has been a little more bearable. We’re able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime, we’re able to play online bingo and much more. There’s a seemingly endless list of entertainment right at our fingertips, but this doesn’t always cut it when it comes to social satisfaction.

Now, you know that we’re suckers for online bingo games and luckily there’s a way you can make a fun and entertaining game the whole household can get involved in. We’re going to walk you through how to make your very own bingo set!

Bingo cards

The most important part comes first! Your bingo cards are the centrepiece of the game and it’s what you need to tackle in step one. Decide what kind of bingo you’re going to play, whether that’s 75 ball, 80 ball or 90 ball bingo. If you’re playing the 75 ball version, you’ll need a 5x5 grid with a blank spot in the centre; 80 ball will be a 4x4 grid and 90 ball will have a 9x3 grid with 15 numbers.

If you want to go the easy route, there are tons of bingo card generators you can use to download randomly generated cards online. But, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can make your own. 

Get creative with the calls

Now, if you’ve ever been in a real bingo hall, you’ll know that there are specific calls for each number. It’s easy to stick to these or get some ideas off the internet. However, bear with us here, we truly believe that if you make your own call signs you’ll have the most fun.

Try and think of things that are memorable for you and the family or friends you’re playing with. This could be something that rhymes with the number or something that the number looks like. For example, 11 is called “legs” because it looks like two legs, and the number 2 is “one little duck” or “quack quack”, due its duck-like shape. You can get really creative here and make it a hilarious and quirky bingo evening.

The bingo cage

This isn’t actually as wildly exciting as it sounds. You may be picturing a whole bunch of bingo callers jumping into a wrestling cage and tearing at one another, yelling only bingo related profanities. But in fact, it’s simply the vessel in which the balls are spun and chosen and random.

There’s no need to get overly fancy with the bingo cage and you could use something as simple as a pillowcase, a cardboard box or a shopping packet. If you can fit the balls in it and pick them out without problems, then it’s perfect.

The balls

We always knew that those ping pong balls left over from summer beer pong evenings would come in handy! If you already have a whole bunch of ping pong balls then simply recycle them into bingo balls, if not, then pop out to the shops or order them online.

The number of balls you have will depend on the variation of the game you’re playing, but just say you’ve chosen 90 ball bingo—you’ll just have to mark each ball with a number from 1 to 90 with a permanent marker and you’re all set to go.

Pick a theme

An absolutely essential aspect for any great bingo night is picking a theme for the evening. Whether that’s superheroes, movies, holidays, animals or anything else in between. Encourage everyone to dress up and have a prize for the best dressed. Ensure that you decorate your house and even your cards according to theme and you’ve got the recipe for a sure bingo success.


As always, you have to be prepared with some inexpensive but worthwhile prizes for the participants. We’re always fans of adding a little competition into the mix and vying for prizes is an excellent way to do just that. Of course, you should ensure the winners know they will get something, but small consolation prizes are also a great idea for those that didn’t do too well.

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/ 21 December 2020