How to Host the Ultimate Games Night at Home

Does a night on the town not sound like your bag? Fancy a more intimate night staying in, perhaps playing some online bingo? We all have our reasons for wanting a fun games night at home sometimes, so here’s what you need to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves — including you!

Pick your (gaming) poison

The first, and arguably most exciting, step to setting up a fun games night is picking the games you want to play.

Ok, so some of your mates may be gaming fanatics who spend their Saturday nights playing Magic: The Gathering, poker, or Risk. They rarely ever leave their homes without a twenty-sided dice (you never know when you might need ‘em).

However, your other friends may be more laid back folk who’ve only dabbled in familiar games like blackjack, Monopoly, and Scrabble. These are the pals who had no idea dice could have more than six sides...

If you pick games that are too hard, the gaming noobs might lose interest (especially if they’re getting smashed by your more experienced mates). This is why easy-to-learn games of chance are always a good choice. Even if your friends don’t know the game, they can pick it up quickly. The element of chance helps too because then everyone feels like it’s fair game! (Excuse the pun.)

So that leads us to — you guessed it —BINGO!

A game like bingo is perfect (for so many reasons) because it is quick to pick up and can be enjoyed by hardcore gamers or your introverted pal who doesn’t even fancy playing games, really. Whether it’s lads or lasses, aged 15 or 50, they can have a great time!

Bingo also comes in a lot of different flavours. Like a slower, more thrilling, game? Try 90 ball bingo. Like the bingo action fast and in your face? Give Turbo bingo a go.

You could also spice the game up with themes. From the sweet and innocent to the downright naughty (strip bingo anyone?), bingo games offer something for everyone.

Get ready for the ultimate games night

Once you’ve decided on the games you’d like to play, you’re going to need the right kit. No, we’re not talking about cricket pads or football jerseys. Whatever the game of choice for the night, you need all the right bits and bobs before everyone arrives. This could mean a pack of cards, dice, gaming chips, or shot glasses — it all depends on the game!

If you’ve chosen bingo (we’re not saying you made the right choice but, ahem, you’ve made the right choice), you’ll need some bingo cards, numbered bingo balls, and something to pick the balls out of. You can get a bingo cage if you’re feeling really posh, but a box or a bag will also do the job. Don’t forget some pens or markers (or daubers if you’re in the mood for some serious bingo) to mark off numbers as well!

Depending on how much energy you have, you can download bingo cards or make your own. If you decide to DIY, chucking in a few inside jokes can help you start the game off on the right foot.

When it comes to bingo balls, you can save yourself a few quid and make your own with some ping-pong balls (keep the spare balls ready for beer pong if the mood strikes). Or if you have the dosh lying around, go large and get yourself a proper bingo set with balls, cage, cards, and some daubers.

Once you’re all set to go with the games, you’re going to need some food and drink!

It’s a party in your mouth

When it comes to keeping people satisfied, you don’t need a three-course meal served by a fancy chef. For games nights, platters with finger foods, bowls of snacks, and a wide range of drinks are sure to go down a treat.

Peckish for something simple? Try some sausage rolls or pork pies. Looking for something a bit more exotic? Add in some samosas or sushi.

If you’re looking for something to drink, cocktails are an eye-pleasing, fun, not to mention delicious way to quench your guests’ thirst. Also, cocktails (just like bingo) offer something for everyone. Does your hipster mate fancy a gin and tonic? Done. Your bestie looking for something with a bit more kick? Mix up a Long Island iced tea. Your under-age cousin feeling left out? Make them a virgin Mojito.

If you want an easy way to spruce these drinks up, just add in some cucumber slices, berries or fruit. They’ll add a bit of wholesome freshness, and all the colours will liven up the drink!

Add some prizes for a splash of excitement

Prizes aren’t necessary for a fun games night, but they can spice things up. You don’t have to only give them out to the winners. Get creative! A prize for the unluckiest player, the best dressed, or greatest sport will go down well.

Online or offline?

If you find yourself tight for time and can’t set up a full-on games night, you can easily take your party into cyberspace. Just sign up for bingo mobile on your phone or tablet, and ask your friends to do the same. You can still play at home (just make sure you have enough seating for all your guests), or even meet up at a coffee shop or park to play.

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Lucky Pants Bingo / 28 October 2020