Good luck animals from around the world

It was Thomas Jefferson who once said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” That’s the thing with the lovely lady we like to call Luck. She can certainly bless you at random–lottery wins, for example–but you’ll never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Working for it is the best way to manifest your luck. When it comes to lucky games such as online bingo games, you’ll certainly have better luck if you understand the game. That being said, we’ve got nothing against a good ol’ healthy dosing of superstition when it comes to trying to attract a little good fortune.

In many parts of the world, certain animals are considered good luck, and we’re going to take you through all the weird and wonderful creatures of fortune from across the globe. Some you’ll probably already know, but others could be a complete surprise!

The world-famous rabbit

Way back in the day, it was believed that if you repeated the word “rabbit” three times on the first morning of the month, it would bring you good luck. It’s safe to say this is a superstition that’s fallen by the wayside somewhat.

However, rabbits are still a symbol of prosperity, wealth, fertility, and luck all over the globe. Of course, you’ll have heard of carrying a rabbit’s left foot with you to attract luck. This is something that many gamblers still do today. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you head out into the garden and give poor Peter Rabbit an untimely end, but if you were able to get yourself a rabbit’s left paw from somewhere, it could come in... erm… handy?


In countries across the world, our water-bound brethren are counted as some of the luckiest creatures out there. Not only do they feed families and cats in most households, but they’re also much-loved pets in many cultures because of their association with Lady Luck.

Now it depends where you are in the world and even what century you’re in, but everything from goldfish to koi and Arowana are renowned for their luck and wealth prospects. So if you’re feeling down and out, why not invest in a fish tank? It’ll provide hours of endless entertainment and might even give you a little extra luck when you play online bingo.


Legend has it in China, that immortal being Lu-Hai rescued a three-legged frog when it couldn’t escape from a well. As a gift of gratefulness, the frog brought him a gold coin from his secret stash every day after that until Lu-Hai was rolling in it! That’s why you’ll see three-legged frog statues and symbols all over China.

The rest of the world simply associated frogs with good rain, and with good rain comes good crops and delicious dinners for the rest of the season. Personally, we also love the fact mosquitoes make up a large proportion of a frog’s diet. Attract these special amphibians to your home for a free mosquito killer, as well as a little bit of superstitious luck.


This will probably sound a bit odd, but we love a good cricket! We’re talking about the animal and not the sport here, obviously. Maybe Andrew Flintoff could have done with using one of these noisy little crickets on his off days on the pitch, eh? In China, these critters are one of the most popular lucky symbols, and that’s clear to see in the Disney movie, Mulan, in which the cricket is the gutsy girl’s good-luck charm. Jiminy Cricket was also a particularly delightful character in Disney’s Pinocchio.

Many households in Western cultures also have small cricket symbols in their homes to attract good fortune and prosperity. Over in Ireland (we’re not sure if it’s just a quirk, or the volume of Guinness consumed), they even believe that if you talk badly about crickets, they’ll be highly offended and curse you with a couple of years of bad luck; but respect them, and you’ll be in for a treat! Not only will they bring you good fortune, but they’ll also keep away the pesky fairies at night.


Perhaps the reason why many wealthy people own horses is because they actually brought them the luck through which they made their riches? That’s a thought, isn’t it (even if it’s a stretch of the imagination). Horses are a sign of freedom, strength and power all over the world. They were made famous through Greek mythology, with the wonderful Pegasus doing his heroic bit.

It’s also said that horses can see signs of evil that humans can’t. All of these interesting stories and beliefs are the reason why many households and people that like to gamble still consider horseshoes as lucky symbols. However, make sure your horseshoe’s hanging the right way up (like a “U”, as if to “collect” luck) – as some believe that if it’s hung the other way up, all the luck is said to flow away. It’s not easy, this “luck” business, is it!


There are not many creatures out there that could take on a tiger and win – that’s probably why these magnificent big cats are revered for their ability to bring powerful energy to the table. The Chinese culture is probably the biggest fan of the tiger (it’s even one of the 12 zodiac animals in their calendar), and it’s normal to see tiger paintings and statues all over homes, businesses and particularly in Chinese New Year celebrations. You might find this is the animal you most associate with good luck – it’s your opinion, after all: there’s no right or wrong here!

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Of course, we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg here to have a bit of fun – other animals thought to bring good luck include pigs, bugs, beetles, cats, and many more. It may not be practical (or legal) for you to get your hands on some of these, but you know what else can help to bring you luck? A wonderful pair of lucky pants that you can wear for every game!

At Lucky Pants Bingo, the online bingo site, we believe that luck is what you make of it, but a little superstition doesn’t hurt either. Slip into your lucky pants, feed your goldfish, or give your horseshoe a good clean, and you never know what might happen. Just don’t try to stroke a tiger! Once you’ve got your lucky ducks in a row, simply visit our bingo site and try your hand at some of our wonderful online bingo games like Slingo Bingo, 90-ball bingo, online slotsand more!

Anonymous / 07 January 2021