Fun Christmas Party Games to Play This Year

We know that this year has put a spanner in the works when it comes to social activities, and we seem to be barrelling towards a festive season that’s going to be a little less festive than we’re used to.

At the end of the day though, at least it’s 2020 and not the early 2000s when we would have had to snuggle up on the couch and play Snake on a Nokia 3310 for entertainment. Nowadays, we’ve got a whole heap of options to keep us entertained and safe at the same time: Netflix, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Playstation, Xbox and of course, great options like online bingo games.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a bore this year if you know where to look! Here’s a little list of our favourite virtual and social distancing games to play with friends and family at Christmas.

Virtual games

One of the positives coming out of 2020 is that you have an excuse to avoid seeing teetotaller Aunt Mildred who always comments on how many glasses of sherry you’ve had. A virtual meet up with friends, family, or even colleagues is an excellent way to socialise, whilst being able to do exactly what you want this festive season. These are the top virtual games to play this season:

Virtual Christmas Cook Along

There always seems to be one family member that hosts Christmas lunch. This could either be down to how much space they have for entertaining at their home or the fact that no one else could make ham and eggs, never mind a full Christmas spread.

Having a group cooking session with family, either virtually or in person, is an excellent way to ensure that every family member or friend knows how to whip up the Christmas staples. No more “I don’t know how to cook” excuses for anyone!

Ensure that everyone gets the recipe ahead of time in order to do their grocery shopping and then you can have one person demonstrate the dish that they are best at for everyone else to follow along. If you’ve got a budding chef in the family, then they could use it as a whole virtually-hosted cooking show for their loved ones to do alongside them.

Scavenger Hunt

We love a good scavenger hunt and it’s not too difficult to hit the nail on the head for a team scavenger hunt, all done virtually. One person must be in charge from the get-go. They will need to design a bunch of riddles for easy household objects that everyone is most likely to have.

You must split into teams and each team is then given a riddle to figure out. You’ll then have to find the object that the riddle is referring to. It’s amazing how some people interpret these things and come back with a spatula instead of a pot plant. This game is a whole heap of fun for friends or family groups.

Virtual Christmas Cocktail

Sometimes, you just have to venture away from the pints and try something a little different. What’s more fun than learning how to make a bunch of cocktails together, even if it is virtually? You could get really fancy for this one and hire a mixologist to help you with steady and professional guidance. But if you want to keep it cheap and cheerful, then all you have to do is simply print some recipes off the internet, get one to each participant, ensure they buy the ingredients and then work through it all together on a group video call.

The best part? Drinking your cocktails together once you’re all done.

Online Bingo

No longer do we have to gather in halls to enjoy the famous British pastime of a good old game of bingo! Online bingo games mean that we can enjoy it from the sanctity of our own homes. Play through an online bingo site, like Lucky Pants Bingo, where you can all take part in the same bingo game and add a little spice by having your Zoom screens up and running, so that you can see everyone’s excitement.

Social distancing Christmas ideas

We’re hopefully not going to spend the entire festive season in our lucky pants on the couch in a lockdown. If we are, by chance, allowed to see a few people at a time in a safe environment, then there are plenty of options for social distancing ideas that will get everyone in a festive mood.

Ice skating

We know this isn’t necessarily a game, but ice skating is just one of those Christmas pastimes that is perfect for this time of year. Grab a bunch of mates and head to an ice rink for a couple of hours of cardio, followed by a drink or two together. Fresh air and friends: What more could you ask for?

Contactless secret Santa

Draw names out of a hat for all the people in your small group that you’re going to have for Christmas. Then everyone has to buy a present for the person that they pick. On the day, gifts can be left on a table, sanitized and then picked by the person who it’s intended for. They then have to try to guess who picked it for them and every time they get it wrong, they have to take a shot.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of festive season charades, especially if you have small kids in the family. Now, we’re sure that everyone knows the rules for charades, but a great way to add a Christmas twist is by putting only Christmas or holiday-themed movies, songs, books, etc. into the hat for people to choose and get others to guess what it is.


Once again, bingo is a wonderful way to get the whole family involved and you can easily download bingo cards off the internet. Make sure everyone wears green, red and white, or their very ugliest Christmas sweater. You could even have prizes for the best dressed to make sure that it’s something that people will make the utmost effort for.

Lucky Pants Bingo has you covered this festive season

We know that it’s going to be a different kind of Christmas than we’re used to, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it has to be dull! Try out some of the games above and check out our fun and funky online bingo at Lucky Pants Bingo. The great thing about our bingo site is that there’s a little something for everyone, but they’re enjoyed just as much alone as they are with other people. Get into the festive spirit this season! The world needs it.

/ 17 December 2020