9 cozy games for couples to play this winter

With many of us looking to spend winter inside this year, we’re probably going to need to find lots of fun and exciting things to do while the cold (and other things) keeps us inside. Here’s Lucky Pants Bingo’s list of games for couples to play this season, from the exciting and spicy to straightforward fun ones that are easier to learn than falling off a log. Ready?


This is a very simple game for couples to play, with each person taking a turn to share two truths and one lie. It’s a great one for getting to know your partner and you might be really surprised by what you find out! The other player must figure out which of the three statements is a lie. Depending on the people playing, the “facts” presented can be as cucumber-cool or as hot and spicy as you’d like. Here’s a few examples of statements that you could use – don’t get caught up on the details, just have a bit of fun with it:

  • “I’ve never been single for longer than a month.”
  • “I’m a virgin.”
  • “I once had an accident on the way to the toilet.”
  • “I sometimes talk in my sleep.”
  • “I don’t like pets.”
  • “I am obsessed with stickers.”


Another simple game for couples to enjoy while cuddling together during the cold winter months is This or That. To play This or That, one player simply asks the other to choose which of two options they prefer. They don’t have to be polar opposites, nor do they have to be an either/or – just let your hair down and play around with it. Here’s a list of ideas to get you started:

  • “Lights on… or lights off?”
  • “Hot wax or ice cubes?”
  • “What’s sexier: intelligence or humour?”
  • “Hiking in the mountains or chilling at the beach?”
  • “Football or soccer?”
  • “Coffee or tea?”
  • “Sweet or salty popcorn?”


Another game that will reveal more than you thought you knew, or maybe even more than you’d like to know, about your partner. First, you each need a board or piece of paper. On one side, write “Never”, and on the other “I have”. You then take turns to make statements and simply reveal whether you “have” or “never” have. It’s great fun because you can make eye contact with your partner as you reveal your answer. Here are some statements you may later regret finding out your partner’s answer to:

  • “(Never have I ever) cheated on someone.”
  • “(Never have I ever) had a one-night stand.”
  • “(Never have I ever) thrown a ‘sickie’.”
  • “(Never have I ever) visited a strip club.”
  • “(Never have I ever) ‘accidentally’ peed in the pool.”


This game is much like the drinking game where players must take shots every time a team fumbles or scores if you’re watching sports, or when a character does something specific in a movie… except this time, the people involved kiss. This game won’t result in a hangover (unless you’re also drinking), but it might end up with you forgetting about the game entirely – or what the “trigger” for kissing was – in favour of a fantastic snogging session. (Well there’s no harm in that, is there?)


The original Codenames took the world by storm, and not long after they released a version for two or more people to play: Codenames Duet. Unlike the original board game, which saw two teams of two players or more compete against each other to find all your agents, now players must work together to find all 15 agents. Players give each other words that are associated with the agent, as well as how many words are associated with that clue. As with the original game, if the player identifies a word and reveals a bystander, their turn ends, and if they identify a word and reveal an assassin, it’s game over! This is definitely one to try when you’re firing on all cylinders!


If you’re looking for something a bit more straightforward to play while snuggled next to your loved one, why not settle down to some jigsaw puzzles? They can be as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on whether you are casual jigsaw-puzzlers, or puzzle fanatics who have been known to stay up all night, trying to finish a 2,000-piece puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles offer a variety of themes for you to choose from, and when you’re done you can have the beautiful result framed to show off to your guests.


Do you like Scrabble but are too lazy to carry an entire board game around with you? Bananagrams is a fun, word-based game that takes elements of Scrabble without needing the board. Just like in Scrabble, players must construct words using tiles with letters. These words connect and overlap to form a word grid. Once the number of available tiles is less than the number of players, the first person to use all their letters and shout “Bananas” is the winner!


You definitely need a steady hand for this one: Jenga is a classic tower building and destruction game and will have players holding their breath: each person takes a turn to remove one of 54 wood blocks–using just one hand–from a tower that becomes increasingly unstable! Each block that’s stealthily extracted must then be placed on top of the wobbly structure (if you’re not careful, this part of your move can make the whole tower collapse!). The winner is the last person who manages to remove and place their block without the structure falling down.


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Anonymous / 25 January 2021