Christmas Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know What to Buy

It’s that time of year again, and if you haven’t sorted out Christmas gifts yet, it’s likely that you’re starting to panic. Just a bit. You really cannot bog up this year’s presents, as we all need a little something special to end off what has been a trying year, to say the least.




Whether you’ve simply not realised that Christmas is just around the corner, you have been getting a little distracted by online bingo games while you’ve been at home, or you have the gift-buying skills of a guinea pig, there’s no need to panic!

We’ve compiled this handy list of Christmas gifts for the different people in your life. We’ve even helped you out with a section for those awkward end-of-year work Secret Santa moments when you have to buy a gift for someone that you know as intimately as you know Jude Law (we’re presuming you’re probably not best friends with Jude Law here). 

So without further ado, here are some of our favourite Christmas gift choices when you don’t know what to buy:

The gadget lover

Some people just adore gadgets; whether they’re nuts about getting the latest technology or about being ultra-connected with the digital world, these are the perfect gifts for the gadget geeks in your life.

  • Elago 3-in-1 Charging Hub: If you’re buying a gift for an Apple obsessed person, then this charging hub from Elago is going to be an absolute treat. They can charge their phone, watch and Airpods all at the same time on this space-saving little hub.

  • Dodow Sleep Aid Device: It can be hard to fall asleep after all that screen time, but with this sleep aid device from Dodow, that won’t be a problem. This clever gadget teaches people how to breathe properly when trying to sleep and will have even the perkiest night owl asleep in no time at all.

  • Lexon OBLIO UV Sanitizing Wireless Charging Station: Now more than ever, we know the importance of good sanitization. This is a wireless charging station that gives your device juice while it sanitizes it using UV-C light with ionizer technology.

The outdoorsy type

It’s hard to buy gifts for people that take joy in life’s simple pleasures like the outdoors. Don’t panic though, we’ve got you covered with some really great gifts for the outdoorsy people in your life.

  • Radiate Portable Campfire: Nothing competes with a good campfire, but it’s not always possible to have one. That could be down to a lack of space or time off to get away from work, but this Portable Campfire means that it’s always a possibility, even if that is just the back garden.

  • VSSL Supplies Compact Adventure Kit: This military-grade aluminium LED flashlight is packed with compact essential camping/hiking supplies like water purification tablets, a compass, a wire saw, reflective trail markers and waterproof matches.

  • Wantdo Hooded Packable Ultra Lightweight Down Jacket: This duck-down and feather-filled jacket is lightweight for travels but incredibly warm. Perfect for early morning hikes or cold nights around the fire.

The foodie

We believe that everyone is a foodie at heart, but there are certainly some people who are a little more obsessed than others. These are gifts for those who love food and drink.

  • Outdoor Wine Table: No more putting wine glasses on the ground or struggling to reach the table! This wooden outdoor wine table pegs right into the grass and it even has space for snacks!

  • Collapsible Swivel Cheese Tapas Board: A board that’s big enough to fit cheese and tapas comfortably, but folds up into half its size? What’s not to like! This is the ultimate foodie gift for picnics and entertaining.

  • Automatic Pan Stirrer: No one actually likes standing by a pot and stirring for hours and this pan stirrer does all the hard work. It also comes with a timer, so cooks can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine while everything gets done for them.

The colleague or acquaintance

The dreaded ‘stranger’ Secret Santa time is here. Whether you have to buy a gift for someone you don’t really know, or a mate's new partner who has joined the friendship group, buying a present for someone you don’t know can be rather daunting. But worry no longer! We’ve got you covered.

  • Godiva Chocolate Truffles: We don’t need to do much explaining here. High-quality, delicious Belgian chocolate… What more do you need to add?

  • Camelbak Tumbler: There’s nothing better than a cup or mug that doesn’t leak and also keeps beverages hot or cold for long periods of time. That’s exactly what this tumbler from Camelbak does and it’s sure to be a winning gift.

  • Novelty Socks: We aren’t only fans of a good pair of lucky pants here — we’re pretty fond of fun socks too! Everyone needs socks and ones that are fun and funky really float our boat.

Entertainment all year round

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/ 04 December 2020