Top Celebrities Known for their Pants

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It’s not just us normal (ish) folk who are fond of a good pair of pants. There are a whole host of celebrities and characters that are known for their love of all things pants related; from sexy Calvin Klein campaigns to barely-there underwear and everything else in between.

These are our favourite celebrities, or characters that they play, who have become synonymous with a good pair of underpants.

David Beckham

There aren’t many people that can get both men and women hot under the collar and David Beckham is one of the few fine examples. Manchester United and England fans got all hot and bothered with his incredible performances on the pitch for club and country, but it’s his underwear campaign in 2012 that really raised the average temperature by quite a few degrees. Anyone care to check the weather for that year?

Beckham modelled his own sleepwear collection and it really did go to show that both on and off the field, he is the complete package.


In 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen released a movie that has forever changed the course of pants history and burned many an eyeball in the process. Although technically a bikini, Borat’s “mankini” is still one of the most famous pairs of pants known today. A holiday in Magaluf isn’t complete without having to rinse your eyes out from the pale, rather substantial tourist who thinks they can pull it off. In fact, no one can. Nonetheless, Borat will forever be known for the mankini and the awful trend he has left behind.

Justin Beiber

We all remember when JB was a floppy-haired child, prancing around to his first song “Baby”. While his looks ticked the boxes for preteens and young Beliebers, no one expected him to be in a Calvin Klein advert in 2015. The tween had certainly—erm—grown into his looks and this ad campaign in Calvin Klein briefs definitely endeared him to a much wider target audience. Let’s just say that we don’t think his record-breaking album that came out after the shoot was successful just because of how good his singing was.

Spike, Notting Hill

If there’s one thing that’s burned into our memory from Notting Hill, it’s Rhys Ifans (Spike) flexing his stuff in a pair of the nastiest, baggiest underwear for the paparazzi. “Nice, firm buttocks”, become the second coined phrase from the hit movie after, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a guy, asking him to love her.”

Bridget Jones

Women everywhere celebrated the fact that Renée Zellweger made it perfectly clear that not every pair of pants needs to be sexy. Her massive, parachute-sized knickers made headlines for all the right reasons and gave everyone an excuse to feel comfortable in their granny panties.


Back in 2014, the world was blown away by the pants that Rihanna wore to the CDFAs. Not that they were anything special, just that they were pretty much the only thing that she was wearing. A barely-there see-through silver dress and a headscarf didn’t cover much of Rihanna, but luckily, her pants were there to preserve a modicum of modesty on her behalf. There’s no denying that she looked absolutely gorgeous in what she was wearing, though.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise may only be Richard Hammond-size in stature, but we’d bet on the fact that he’s a little more popular with the ladies. Never before has a pair of plain white boxers gotten as much attention as they did in his famous scene in the film, Risky Business!

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/ 16 November 2020