Top Movies for Bingo Fans

As fans of the ultimate game of chance, we’ve always known that bingo games are the star of the show. It doesn’t matter if old-school daubers do it for you, or you prefer the click of a button in fast-paced online bingo games. So, it’s no surprise that this super-exciting pastime has made it all the way to Hollywood. And the Oscar goes to…? Let’s find out!

Beach Blanket Bingo

We knew that would get your attention! Yes, at number one on our list (in no particular order) we have Beach Blanket Bingo, which is a gem of 1960s comedy, as far as we’re concerned. For those of us who never left leopard print behind, 60 years is just the blink of an eye. So, if you can get your hands on this little number, strap in for fabulous songs, surfing and love triangles. While the beautiful numbers game was never actually played in this film, it inspired a song, the formation of a British band, and has been shown playing in the background of several more recent hit movies. What it does illustrate is how this great game was part of everyday parlance back in the day. Who doesn’t love a beach-party movie and, who knows, someday a developer might even create a beach blanket bingo online slot game!


The bingo scene in this 2009 action thriller, shows just how absorbed in their favorite game, bingo enthusiasts can become. The story’s main character strides into a bingo hall in dark, menacing body armor that would make most people sit up and take notice. But the players barely give him a glance. Even when the intruder lays a gun on the table, they remain fully caught up in their game. It’s a small, four minutes long scene, but it does make an impression!

Bad Grandpa

In this 2013 release, Johnny Knoxville brings the house down in the title role as Irving Zisman in Bad Grandpa. The movie involves a series of funny incidents and pranks that unfold as grandpa looks after his grandson, Billy. One of the funniest scenes in this fourth instalment in the Jackass franchise sees Zisman head off to play bingo, where he pushes the other players’ patience to the limit with his antics. He even tries drinking the dabber ink in his bid to keep competitors from winning – not something we’d recommend in any circumstances!

Big Momma’s House 2

It seems the excitement, laughs, and comradery of the bingo hall and online bingo site chat rooms easily translate onto the silver screen because here is another memorable bingo scene. In 2006, the second showing in the Big Momma’s House franchise had a side-splitting scene in which Big Momma, played by comedy legend Martin Lawrence, reacts to a cheat who sends up a “bingo!” even though he hasn’t won. The reactions of fellow players in this scene are priceless – we all know that dishonouring the spirit of the game would get about as much bounce as a lead bingo ball, whether your format of choice is bingo online or in a hall.

The Babadook

If you’re a scaredy-cat, don’t watch this one! Just as bingo has adapted through the decades to fresh formats and upcoming generations, it’s managed to morph from comedy to the opposite end of the spectrum – horror! Yes, this time there’s nothing cute about bouncing bingo balls, while “31, Get Up and Run” takes on a different meaning altogether.

The Australian psychological horror film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim in the US and Europe, grossing $10.3 million (£7.4 million) at the box office, against a $2 million budget.

The bingo tie-in occurs in a scene in which the main character, Amelia, introduces bingo games at the care home where she works. We did notice, however, a bit of a blooper in one scene, when she holds up a blue ball and calls "Legs 11", then when the camera pans back to her, she’s holding a white ball. As we all know, the white ball is not 11 but 69!

Bingo! The Documentary

Now, this film might not have a fictitious storyline, but it’s well worth a watch. If you’ve been around bingo for a while, you might already have seen this one, released in 1999. But if not, try to get your hands on it. The makers of this documentary treat you to interviews with players and set out to explore the magic of the bingo hall, and why this version of the game is still so popular.

For newer converts to the game (as we know, twentysomethings are now as common in bingo as the number 6), it takes a gander at the rise of online bingo games that give players an almost unlimited variety of bingo variants, wherever and whenever, and even Slingo, a hybrid that combines bingo with online slots. While parts of the doc were filmed in the US, it also features players and scenes in the UK and Ireland for a bit of home magic.

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/ 04 October 2021