Unexpected Ways Bingo Cards Are Used Around the World

At Lucky Pants Bingo, we are firm believers that variety really is the spice of life and this extends to bingo, too! Now, almost every bingo player knows that there are different types of bingo games to suit everyone’s style: slow and steady, fast and furious, and everything else in between.




What you might not know is how many uses there are for the holy grail of bingo: the bingo card! That’s right! Bingo cards don’t have to be used for good old fashioned bingo at all! In fact, if bingo cards had a Tinder profile, one of their more redeeming qualities would undoubtedly be that they are multifaceted.

Here are just some of the ways that folks from around the world use the mighty bingo card in fun and ingenious ways.


We recently wrote a blog about how bingo can help keep the brain cells ticking over as we age, but it’s now the younger generations that are also benefiting from bingo cards.  Young‘uns of all ages, from preschool to university, are getting a healthy helping of bingo education to help their minds soak up information like a sponge (unlike the other type of sponge that they’d be if they didn’t have an education). Here’s just one example of how bingo cards are being used in classrooms across the world.

A teacher or lecturer will bring in bingo cards that have words written on them. They can then call out the word in a different language and the learners must mark the English version off on their cards—a quick and easy way to get a grasp on a new language. The rules remain the same with regards to one and two lines and full house wins, of course, and the teacher decides on the prize. We love the thought of any kind of bingo being taught to younger generations!

Drinking games

As with almost any game in the world, bingo can be turned into a rather rowdy drinking game. Whether you’re just hanging out with your mates for a couple of pints or you’re at a stag or hen do, this is a wonderful way to break the ice and a handy excuse to partake in some shots.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, then you can create your own cards. Put in typical things you’d find in a bar, such as types of cocktails, barmen or women, waiters, paints, taps, and pretty much anything else you’d expect to see. Anyone who sees, hears or buys any of the items on the list can have a shot and tick it off. There’ll be a grand booze prize for those first to the finish line with their cards.

Shopping lists to keep kids busy

If you have kids, you’ll know that you have more chances of being a resident in 10 Downing Street than having a peaceful shopping experience with a toddler in tow; but not all hope is lost! Some parents have thought of an excellent way to get children to help them while shopping, and to learn while doing it. Unheard of, we know!

If your child isn’t of reading age, then the easiest way to go about it is to put stickers or draw pictures of the things you need from the store on the bingo cards. Your child can then help you to find the products and tick them off the list when they do. You can decide on a prize at the end of it all too. Sweets are always a win, but if your angel turns into a sugar beast then maybe an apple or toy will do.

Non-traditional bingo games

There is an endless number of bingo games you can play using bingo cards in non-traditional formats. You could do movie bingo, car bingo, plane bingo, farm bingo and everything else in between. An example is Game of Thrones bingo, which is a hilarious way to play the game with mates. For example, write down a list of things on the cards, such as: someone says “winter is coming”, Little Finger double-crosses someone, every time Tyrionne has a sip of alcohol, every time Joffrey is annoying, etc., and then cross items off the list each time one of these things happens on screen.

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/ 12 November 2020