Bingo World Records

There are some weird and wonderful records all over the world. For example, there’s a record for the world’s stretchiest skin, longest distance keeping a table lifted with teeth, the largest collection of rubber ducks, and so on. There’s also a whole heap of cool records for online bingo and bingo hall games.

So, let’s take a look at the biggest bingo world records that you can add to a list of things that you didn’t know about bingo.

The Largest Game of Bingo

Of course, there has been a decline in the number of people who go to bingo halls now. The growth of online bingo games means that people can try their luck at home on a bingo site rather than going down to their local hall.
However, a company in Bogotá, Colombia, decided to reverse this trend a bit and attempt to break the world record for the largest game of bingo in one place. 70,080 people pitched up to play in Almacenes Exito’s game, and they successfully set the world record. It can’t have been easy to hear anyone shouting “bingo” or “house” in that crowd. Still, £250,000 worth of cash prizes were won by players during the game.

The Biggest Jackpot Won in a Bingo Hall

Most people would probably be happy winning a couple of hundred quid at a bingo hall, and anything more than that is hugely impressive, seeing as most of the big jackpots are won in online casinos. However, Soraya Lowell won an incredible £1,167,795 at the National Bingo Game Platinum Jackpot. This lucky lady must have been absolutely shocked at that amount; we know that we would be!

The Highest Game of Bingo

You know that you really love bingo when you’re willing to play it 17,500ft above sea level! Twenty-four employees from Gala Coral enjoyed a spot of bingo at Mount Everest’s base camp to break this world record. What’s better than playing a bingo game on top of the world? Doing it for a good cause, of course. The game raised £100,000 for Sue Ryder Care, and that surely made the arduous trek worthwhile.

Fastest Bingo Jackpot Win

Everyone’s heard of beginner’s luck, but many people don’t believe it’s a thing. These naysayers can tell that to Darryl Howe, who holds the record for the quickest bingo jackpot in the world. Lady Luck must have been smiling on Darryl on the day that he set up his first account. He won an amazing £18,000 on a 15 number full house after just 23 calls! If that doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will. The odds of this happening are an unbelievable 93 billion to one.

The Biggest Game of Online Bingo

It’s not unusual to have rather large bingo games online – it is a very popular game, after all. However, nothing comes close to the size of the online game hosted by Coca-Cola Park in Tokyo. A whopping 493,824 people logged in for this specific game in Japan, and they managed to set a world record by doing so. It’s hard to imagine how crazy that game must have been!
<h2>Balancing a Basket of Bingo Balls for the Longest Time</h2>
Of course, if you’re a fan of bingo, then you’ll probably show it by talking to your friends and family about it and playing games regularly. Doug McManaman is a man who took his enthusiasm for the game to the next level completely. He balanced a basket of bingo balls on a pole and then balanced it on his chin for an amazing one minute and 19.4 seconds. This is the longest time that anyone has been able to do this, and he now has a bingo world record to his name.

The Tallest Bingo Marker Tower

Believe it or not, but Doug McManaman holds not one, but two, bingo world records. In 2013, this avid bingo player decided to build the tallest tower of bingo markers in the world. Of course, don’t confuse a bingo marker with dabbers! The bingo markers are small disks, of which McManaman used 82 carefully stacked on one another to create a colossal bingo marker tower. Building the tower wasn’t the only challenge either! In order to get the record, he had to ensure that the tower stood for a minimum of 10 seconds, which he did.

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/ 11 November 2021