The Biggest and Best Bingo Halls in the World

Being the bingo fanatics that we are, we love a bit of bingo trivia. Have you ever wondered what the biggest and best bingo halls in the world are? Let’s find out!





The largest bingo hall on earth!

Interested in visiting the biggest bingo hall in the world? The Foxwoods Resort and Casino isn’t only a popular venue for those who want to relax and get in some good old-fashioned gambling, it’s also home to the biggest bingo hall on the planet! At one point they had space for a whopping 4,000 people, but that number might be closer to 3,500 these days. Still, that’s a lot of bingo players!

In April this year, the resort took a trip down memory lane with a photo of the bingo hall that started it all:  The Mashantucket Pequot High Stakes Bingo Hall. It wasn’t the monster of a venue it is today, but it was still a hit.

In an article published by The Day newspaper, Michael Holder (the manager at the time) recalls how stinking hot it was on their opening day. So hot, in fact, that they were worried people would pass out before they got inside — not exactly the recipe for a lively bingo night! They offered their excited guests water to quench their thirst and avoided making any nasty headlines on the day.

The longest running bingo venue in Ireland

This next one is technically not a bingo hall, but it definitely deserves a mention for how long it’s been home to bingo games in the land of the leprechaun! The National Stadium was first established in 1938 and hosted concerts, amateur boxing and National Stadium Bingo. No, not all at the same time, though that does sound like fun.

The venue regularly hosts over 800 bingo players, and easily reaches 2,000 players for some of their bigger bingo evenings! If you’re interested in the winnings, they pay out a healthy €27,000 every week.

Makes us wonder how much a plane ticket to Ireland is...

Come on down to Sin City to enjoy bingo with over 600 people

If you’re ever in Las Vegas and looking for some hot bingo action, be sure to check out the Red Rock Casino. The hall has room for 610 people, which isn’t the biggest in the world, but it’s definitely still pretty big (that’s what she said).

Interested in popping in for a quick game? There are eight hour-long games scheduled each day, as well as special tournaments. There’s also a private bar, which means you won’t miss out on any of the bingo action!

This is undoubtedly the healthiest bingo game you’ll ever play

This is also not a bingo hall (sorry), but makes it onto our list for being one of the healthiest bingo games ever! In 2009, people were upset with the state of some gardens in Chicago. Rather than burying their heads in the sand, they came up with a solution: Veggie Bingo!

Veggie Bingo takes place for a few months every year. It’s hosted by a Chicago restaurant called The Hideout (isn’t that mysterious), and an organisation called Neighbour Space (less mysterious). The bingo games began in 2009 and have been going strong ever since.

But why is it called Veggie Bingo, you may ask? Good question! The name comes from the jackpot of course, which includes a load of fresh veggies.

Now you don’t have to feel so guilty about all your drinking, since you can balance it out with a nice fresh salad, soup, or stew when you get home! Or, you can feed it to your pet rabbit and get a pizza instead (probably the better option). 

The bingo hall that was too big to last

The biggest bingo hall that no longer exists is the Big Cypress bingo hall — with a name like that, how could it not make our list?

Built in the Florida swamps in 1987, Big Cypress could handle a whopping 5,600 bingo fans in roughly the size of two American football fields (the official American unit of measurement for...well, everything).

Sadly, it seems that it was not the best idea. Firstly, a bingo hall in a swamp? Sounds like a mosquito’s dream come true! Secondly, being in the middle of nowhere probably didn’t help. Debts piled up and within a year the hall was forced to temporarily close. Big Cypress owed $415,000 to a lot of people, including prize winners, banks, businesses, and the taxman!

The Seminoles tribe had partnered with the Million Dollar Jackpot firm to launch the hall, but they felt they had been taken for a ride. They went to court, and Million Dollar Jackpot agreed to close the venue until all the money they owed had been paid.

It’s hard to say exactly when the infamous venue finally shut its doors. One website says it was closed about 10 years later, but who knows whether it was a bingo hall, warehouse, or an alligator farm at the time.

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Lisa Stormings / 02 October 2020