Halloween celebration with the roomies

This article was archived on 25.04.2018.

Boo! Halloween has just been celebrated across the globe and without any doubts, Lucky Pants Bingo celebrated it as well and in great style. Luke and his darling Betty, wore their scariest costumes to surprise the roomies for Halloween. Trick or Treat? At Lucky Pants Bingo, there were only treats as Luke and Betty spent Halloween pampering the roomies with grand freebies.

For four amazing days, the lovely pair popped into the rooms to make Halloween a memorable day. It proved to be a generous one as all roomies were treated with over 1800 free cards and shared 135,000 loyalty points. No sweets, only amazing prizes! Could Halloween have been celebrated in a better way?

Well, well.  Apart from the lovely prizes, roomies got to enjoy the chat party. Luke and Betty wanted to show them that Lucky Pants Bingo only gets better with time. So they came up with new chat games, to suit each and every one to boost the festive mood. Wand, broom, cat; you’ve surely gotten the picture already. This was one of the favourite chat game where roomies had to shout an item that is cherished by witches and wizards, once the full house was called. They indeed enjoyed themselves and expressed their contentment through their enthusiasm in the rooms. They also shared their views about Halloween celebration in the chat rooms:  

B.M: “Games were good and so easy that anyone could play”.

S.B: “Double points, I liked. They were good, I like how they changed all the time and it was not the same cgs every time. So brill.”

D.D: “Love all the chat games, they were good fun”

Seeing the happiness in Lucky Stripes that night was indeed a pleasant feeling for Luke and Betty. Roomies were shouting their answers, and they had to keep their eyes open, so that their fellow roomies do not miss on their winnings. In the end, all participants celebrated the event with their amazing prizes.

If you missed on the Halloween chat party, you don’t have to worry! Hop into the Bingo rooms anytime to enjoy the creativity of the amazing chat hosts and to win freebies on the chat games which are played daily.

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