Age of the Gods Bingo Game Review

Age of the Gods is a super-successful iGaming series by badass game developer Playtech that has already graced the world of online slots, roulette, and poker. And now, (cue the trumpet fanfare…) the gods have seen fit to grace the halls of online bingo with a new Age of the Gods-themed bingo room (it’s about time)! Allow us to introduce you to Age of the Gods Bingo!

With 90 balls, hi-tech, in-game animations, and an exclusive bonus game available only to each round’s full-house winner, this heavenly bingo game will have everyone on the bingo block jumping for joy. So put on your lucky pants and let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Graphics and sound

Playtech has managed to translate the award-winning online slot version of Age of the Gods tastefully into a thrilling online bingo game, complete with Ancient Greek-style gold-rimmed borders, and a rich purple and gold theme that’s carried throughout the game.

To add to the experience, the soundtrack features violins, a double bass and trumpets, evoking a truly epic atmosphere. This is complementary to the background image of the mythological Greek god, Atlas, seen holding up the world, which is beautifully featured as a monumental blue orb. You’ll also hear lightning strike across the screen when someone lands a winning combo, while the winning card is featured on the screen.

The theme stays true to its original form and boasts high-quality features to add a level of excitement to this traditional game that we hold so dearly to our hearts.


How exactly do you play bingo with the gods? Well, first off, you buy a ticket. Each card is made up of three rows and nine columns, as is standard in the classic 90-ball game.

To get started:

  1. Select the Age of the Gods room in the bingo lobby.
  2. Choose your game – the price and prize available in each game will be on display, so you can choose the game that most suits your fancy.
  3. Once you have your ticket and the game’s got going, numbers will be called out steadily. If they appear on your cards, they’ll be auto-daubed. You can, of course, choose to manually daub them, if you prefer to keep things old-school.
  4. Each line has five numbers you’re hoping to match, and there are three prizes to be won in each game: one line, two lines, and full house.
  5. The full-house winner for the game will then be granted exclusive entrance to the Arena of Gods, which we’ll discuss in the “Features” section below.

Game features and jackpots

Unlike in traditional bingo, where the excitement ends when some lucky so-and-so scores that sought-after full house, some mighty cool things go down after someone scores it in this version of the game!

The Arena of the Gods feature is available in games that have a gold coin in the “features” section of the paytable, and it will be called as the first “number” in the game – so if you’re digging for gold (note, we didn't say gold-digger) and this is one of your motivating factors, be sure to check for the gold coin before you start the game.

Arena of the Gods

This feature is available exclusively to the winner of the full house. If that lucky mortal is you, then your meeting with the gods has come, and the fate of the ancient world (okay, bingo room) is on you.

Your quest is simple, but not to be taken lightly. Having won the full house, (congratulations!) you’ll be presented with nine gold coins on a screen that everyone in the bingo game will be watching – no pressure. The gods behind the coins are the almighty Zeus, Hades (god of the underworld), Athena (goddess of war), and Ares, son of Zeus. You must pick a coin, one by one, to be revealed, and the first god to appear three times will determine what prizes shall be bestowed upon you and potentially your fellow bingo players too. Prizes will go to either the full house winner, the community (added to follow-up prizes), or both.

Prizes are as follows:

  • Zeus – 100% community prize
  • Hades – 100% full-house winner prize
  • Athena – 75% community/25% full-house winner prize
  • Ares – 75% full-house winner/25% community prize

The great thing about this feature is, even if you’ve not won the game, you could still win some form of a prize – providing the winner selects three of the Zeus, Athena or Ares coins! Who could argue with that?

That’s a wrap!

Everyone loves a cheeky game of bingo, and the mythical theme of Age of the Gods only adds to the excitement of our favourite game. Overall, we give our full lucky-pants approval for everything from the ticket prices right down to the soundtrack. Most certainly the bonus features will keep things gripping right until the very last minute!

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/ 04 June 2021