3 fun baby shower bingo ideas

Whether you or your friends are overjoyed about welcoming a bundle of joy into the world or are being haunted by nightmares filled with dirty nappies, you can always enjoy a fun and exciting game of baby shower bingo. This wonderfully simple game can be customised to suit your needs and make it personal. Here are three ideas you can use to create your own baby shower bingo games!


First, create bingo cards with the most popular baby names on them for both boys and girls, including the new baby’s name (if it’s already been chosen, of course!). If you don’t have time to create your own cards, you can also download some templates online and fill them in.

To play the game, ask players what they think the child’s name and gender is going to be. When a player gets the gender and the baby’s actual name right, you can hand out small prizes, or just congratulate them and let them have bragging rights for being so smart and knowing you so well. (You could also elaborate on the gender-reveal stunt by producing a cake with icing which hides the "pink" or "blue" sponge underneath until you cut it.)

Spice up the game even further by including names that are similar or connected to the baby’s name, without the real one actually appearing on the card. The player who uses their wits to guess the correct name again could receive a prize, or again, just take the ego boost for being clever enough to figure it out. In this example, you could use names that rhyme or all start with the same letter, or something similar (let your imagination run free).

Here’s a list of some popular girls’ and boys’ baby names that you could use from 2020 if you’re struggling to come up with your own:

  • Alice
  • Olivia
  • Mabel
  • Rose
  • Sophia
  • George
  • Isaac
  • Muhammad
  • Michael
  • Rowan


This adds an extra layer of fun by spicing up the reveal of each of the baby gifts by combining it with bingo! The suspense will be thrilling for both the hosts and guests as each gift is opened and revealed (unless you’re one of those sensible types who sends out a list of items for people to buy – but it’ll still be fun for everyone else). Again, create your own cards with the different items you’re expecting (or hoping) to get at the baby shower.

Here’s a list of different gifts you can use:

  • Baby bottle
  • Baby formula
  • Bibs
  • Blankets
  • Booties
  • Car seat
  • Hats
  • Humidifier
  • Onesies
  • Nappies


Our final theme or idea for a great baby shower bingo game is another favourite, especially if you’re also unboxing them – baby toys! Whether your inner child loves the idea of messing around with them, or you’re simply reminiscing about the toys you had when you were little, this is a fun theme for everyone to enjoy. You can also consider tweaking this game to include any young ones that may be around by using pictures instead of words – making it a fun and educational experience.

  • Activity mats
  • Balls
  • Building blocks
  • Mobiles (not phones, but the wonderful musical or non-musical items that hang above your baby’s crib with toys attached)
  • Picture books
  • Play gyms
  • Puzzles
  • Rattle
  • Stacking rings
  • Teddy bears and other stuffed animals
  • Teething toys


While these three ideas are no doubt useful, if you’re hosting a baby shower, chances are your life is pretty busy prepping for the little one who’s about to fill your life with joy (and sleepless nights). One way to make this event a little less time-consuming and more fun (for you and your guests) is to ask the players to create their own cards to play different versions of the games we’ve suggested.

Simply provide them with the goodies they’ll need (cards with grids on them, and pens for writing), and maybe a list of things (like the ones we’ve provided above) to help kick things off. This will help you save a lot of time that goes into making each card unique, and your guests will have a good time putting their own cards together!


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Anonymous / 22 February 2021