Fashion Trends to Look out for in 2022

While online bingo never goes out of fashion, the same cannot be said for, well, fashion. According to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London, and New York, there are a number of trends we can look forward to in 2022, and a few we can gladly lay to rest. While elevated loungewear and relaxed staples dominated 2020 and 2021, the coming year brings some fresh looks, from bright and bold colour combinations to the comeback of fringes, as well as catsuits and much more.

So whether you’re settling down to play slots online, or heading out for a night on the town, discover the latest fashion trends that’ll have you feeling “wow”, and ensure you don’t get caught wearing anything that’ll have people saying, “OMG, that’s SO 2021!”


Waist cut-outs on flowy frocks and peekaboo necklines on slim-fit tops will be all the rage in 2022. From asymmetrical cuts and simple keyholes to intricate layering, expect to spot this major design idea in the shops and on the catwalks. Give yourself the sartorial edge: add a dash of daring to your outfits with what stylists are calling the biggest trend of 2022. Touted by brands Versace and Alexander McQueen, and embraced by Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, for the love of all things hole-y, cut-outs are now in fashion!

Sequins and sparkle

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? With hints of this trend starting up again last summer, 2022 will see it surge into the fashion world (and hopefully your wardrobe). It’s time to dress up and leave the house again, which means leaving the athleisure to your yoga dates and adding some flair to your outfits with beads, pearls, and sequins. (Go on: you know you want to!). Pair an encrusted mini dress with an oversized puffer, or embellish your denim jacket for a shiny new look.

Bold colour combos

From lemon yellow to forest green and magenta, 2022 is all about unashamedly bright and bold colour combinations and colour blocking. Pair this look with simple accessories and even pop-colour leather gloves to add an “in your face but still considered fashion” vibe to your outfits. Many current catwalk looks actually combine vibrant colours with cut-out pieces for fresh, never-before-seen looks that’ll have you ready to embrace the new year with enthusiasm and confidence. Imagine the boost you’d get from stepping out in a stunning, but brave, outfit!


Fringes have come and gone many times over the past century, and in 2022 you’ll see various styles merge. Think the long, silky fringe on 1920s-style dresses-meets-suede fringe on cowboy boots to bring a Western glam twist. So you might see, say, a leather trucker jacket with fringe around the shoulders or a pencil skirt with fringe at the hem. This cute trend adds movement and dimension to outfits, and certainly makes a statement while it’s at it. In the coming year, you’ll find it on denim jackets, blazers and coats. Pair a fringe jacket with your favourite pair of jeans, chunky boots and minimal accessories, and you’ll have everyone at the bingo hall envious (and not for the reason they might otherwise be!).

Stone-coloured coats and trouser sets

To balance out those daring choices, neutrals maintain their seat as a go-to choice this coming year (do we hear some of you say, “Phew”?). The spotlight is on stone suit sets, pairing well-tailored trousers with a matching coat or oversized blazer, and a crisp, white shirt or lush turtleneck for a clean, monochrome look. Of course, there’s no need to forgo colour completely: instead of whites, beiges, and browns, you can add a splash of blue, yellow or orange to your look with shirts, shoes and accessories. You make the rules, after all.


Prints are always in fashion, but the exact ones you choose to wear will distinguish the “it girl” from the fashion disaster. However, if 2021 showed us anything, it’s that seemingly clashing prints can totally be brought together. Still, we’d recommend breaking up your animal prints from your polka dots with some solid colours.

In 2022, pied de poule, meaning ”crow’s feet” (also known as houndstooth), and pied de coq, meaning “cock’s foot” (same-same, but different), are in. These prints closely resemble animal paws and appear in elegant looks, hence the French names.

Speaking of paw prints, animal prints remain in style with their timeless allure, and small polka dots have made a return to join the pack. While floral prints have been in fashion over the past year or two, foliage is the new darling of the fashion world, lending a tropical look to the 2022 spring/summer collection.


Skin-tight catsuits are a major trend on 2022 catwalks and now they’re taking to the streets! An endorsement by Yves Saint Laurent pretty much guarantees a worldwide trend, and these can be worn printed or plain, neon or neutral. Pair your suit with an oversized coat or show off your “hot girl summer” bod, keeping accessories complementary.

Mini skirts

While midi-length dresses and skirts have been the fad over the past few years, the mini is back and it’s shorter than ever! From pleated tennis skirts to sleek leather minis, this trend gives you carte blanche to show off your legs. Pair it with some thigh-high boots and a turtleneck to keep things classy.

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/ 17 January 2022