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Crystal Clear Raffle

Crystal Clear Raffle

Win a 55" Samsung Smart TV with Ultra HD & Curved Screen!

  • When: Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th October
  • How: 1 raffle ticket for every £20 wagered on Crystal Clear slot
  • Prize: Top of the range Crystal Clear TV!

Scaredy Pants Payout

Scaredy Pants Payout - earn up to £200 cashback

Creep up on extra cashback of up to £200 this week… are you brave enough to get a Scaredy Pants Payout?!

  • When: Monday to Thursday
  • How: Opt In and play - if you dare…
  • Prizes: Up to £200 cashback to party with on Friday!

Lucky Pants Pudding

Lucky Pants Pudding - Get up to 500 free spins this week!

Get those buns in oven, and glaze your week with 500 FREE SPINS!

  • When: Monday to Thursday
  • How: Pop on your apron, opt in, and play
  • Prizes: A tasty treat on Friday – up to 500 free spins!

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