Viking Runecraft

Viking Runecraft

Feel the might of the Norse gods as you spin the grid of cascading symbols on Viking Runecraft slot. Your quest is to progress through 4,000 levels, which means your journey ends in Valhalla – and victory! Reach a new level by clearing a pattern – you’ll meet a different God with a unique gift each time you do. Play the epic Gift of the Gods and Ragnarök bonus features to smash big rewards!

Viking Runecraft Slots

Take a great voyage on the North Sea on Viking Runecraft Slot at Lucky Pants Bingo! The Viking themed video slot game is a creation of Play’n Go and is specially designed on 7x7 grids. Discover the different gods and their unique gifts on here. Did you know that Norse gods not only protected their kind but people as well from evil forces? The highest-ranking gods being Odin, Thor and Freyr. Odin was the leader of the gods and the king of Vikings. Viking armour was always heavy and they carried different weapons with them.

On the slots you will find symbols such as helmets, hammers, axes, low card rune symbols and huge Viking necklaces.  The bet amount will range from the minimum bet amount 0.01p to the highest bet amount £10.00.

You will also find 4 wild symbols, each representing a different Norse God. You will have Wild Odin, Wild Thor, Wild Freya and Wild Heimdall. By forming a vertical or horizontal combination of 5 symbols, you will attain a win. As the game is played in a cascading motion, winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall in place to occupy the spaces.

The Charge of Destruction feature is a bonus round where you have a charge metre - Charge Of Destruction- and by triggering 1 of 4 features. While being activated, it will fill up until the metre is full and you will be awarded 1 free spin. The four features are:

  • Lure of Loki: 2 symbols are chosen on the grid. One symbol and its matching icons are eliminated from the grid and the other symbol and its matching symbols are turned into another symbol.
  • Scorching of Surtr: 3 chosen symbols are set on fire on the grid and it will fire up surrounding symbols. All the burning symbols are turned into new symbols.
  • Judgment of Jörmungandr: A path is set on a grid and the symbols within the path are destroyed from one end to another. Along the path, different symbols are transformed into other symbols.
  • Fury Of Fenrir: 4 diagonal lines on the grid are slashed. Two-line symbols stay and the other two are changed to other symbols.

On the game it is possible to double charge the metre, this will trigger the Ragnarök feature which you can win by winning other symbols. This feature awards 1 free game round and it ends when no wins are achieved. While this feature is in play, the Charge of Destruction metre will be replaced by an End Of World bonus metre. On winning enough symbols during the Ragnarök feature you will be rewarded by any of the 4 multipliers. 20 symbols give x2, 40 symbols give x3, 60 symbols give x5 and 80 symbols give x15.

To be blessed with the presence of the Gods, you must win on indicated grids to reach the next levels. The Gift of God feature is randomly triggered on non-winning game rounds. They feature different Wild Symbols and substitute for other symbols. God of Thunder symbol is when 5 to 9 random symbols are turned into wild symbols. God of Wisdom symbol is when 2 wild symbols are created in 2 pairs and are vertically adjacent. Goddess of Beauty means that wild symbols create four different clusters as a 5x5 grid, the wilds are created until a win is attained. God of Guarding is when 7 wild symbols are created meaning 7 by row.

Runes of Valhalla is a bonus round where you have to collect rune stones to win a combination in a current active pattern. A wheel will spin during this feature and your goal will be to hit a field with a lit symbol to win an accumulated bonus amount.

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