Snapshot pull tab

Snapshot pull tab

Get snap happy as you pull back the tabs in this quick and easy instant win game. If you match three of the camera-style symbols on a tab, you nab a prize! Plus, with four tabs, you have four chances to take home a jackpot. Plus the wilds might add to the fun by giving you more chances to zoom in on a win.

Snapshot Pull Tab Game

Nowadays, memories are captured by cameras and developed into pictures. These can be stored, shared with family and loved ones and kept for a very long time. Cameras have evolved since the first release by Kodak in 1995. Now, mobiles, laptops and all new gadgets come with enhanced cameras. This will allow you to never miss a chance to take a great snap.

The sequel to Snapshot slots is here and it goes by the name, Snapshot Pull Tab Game. Thanks to Realistic Games, this traditional instant game can now be played at one of the online bingo site- Lucky Pants Bingo! Even though this game sounds like a typical slot game, it’s not! Snapshot Pull Tab Game consists of no traditional reels or paylines, but four tabs that come loaded with symbols themed according to the design of the game.

Snapshot Pull Tab Game gives you four equal chances to trigger wins each time you place your stake. But before you start playing this immersive game, you could head to the settings button and find the Bet Field. This Field allows you to set your stake as per your preferences. These stake levels range from £0.25, £0.50, £0.75, £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00 and £100.00. Under the settings option, you will also find that you have the Autoplay option.  This button allows you to set a number of game rounds to be played on auto. You can select from 10 to 100 game rounds and apply customised settings as well.

As soon as you’re done placing your bets, you will notice the tabs light up. This simply means that the tabs are ready to pull. You can either drag the tabs from right to left of the screen or click on the play button to reveal your winning combinations or symbols. Symbols you will find displayed on the four tabs are designed according to the theme of Snapshot Pull Tab Game. These are Delete, Zoom, Camera, Ace, Arrows, Dustbins, Magnifiers, King and Wild. The Wild symbol replaces for all other symbols.

Snapshot Pull Tab Game respectively awards you multipliers for a three-symbol combination of each symbol. When the wild forms part of a winning combination, your wins are automatically doubled.  These are awarded as:

- 3 Arrows: 80x your bet

- 3 Dustbins: 40x your bet

- 3 Magnifiers: 20x your bet

- 3 Cameras: 10x your bet

- 3 Aces: 2x your bet

- 3x King: 1x your bet

The maximum payout you can receive per tab is 160x and the maximum payout you can receive on Snapshot Pull Tab Game is 640x.

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