Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus

You must be acquainted with the stories of the great gods of Olympus. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were known to join forces together and battle the titans for Olympus. Voyage back to those instances with Rise Of Olympus Slot, a five-reel slot game by Play’n Go. You will come across symbols including tridents and thunderbolts that might help you trigger features of the slot game.

Rise Of Olympus Slot

The three Greek Gods, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon have now stepped onto the virtual realm with this five-reel slot game. Rise Of Olympus Slot is presenting the kings of the three planes in their glorious splendour. Gather all might that you can spare to start the entertainment! Who knows, you might get away with some fantabulous features!

The game depicts a five reel slot game framed with a simple line. The background swaps to the realm of each of the god that stands firm at the right. Hades welcomes you to the scorching cores of the underworld, Poseidon will always be here for the guests of the marine abode and Zeus is ready to stretch his arms like the horizon for those brave enough to ascend the heavenly clouds!

Access the game via your Lucky Pants Bingo account. The game is compatible with mobile, tablet or desktop devices as well. So, choose which of these devices you would select to grace your gameplay. In-game, you are allowed to select the bets of your choice. Click the left and right button on the user-interface tab to choose the stakes of your convenience. The minimum value available is 0.20 up to a maximum of 100.00. Once you are good to go, click the spin button!

The Golden Pegasus Coin Symbol stands for the Wild Symbol. It can actually replace any other symbol of Rise Of Olympus Slot in a combination. Such an ability allows it to help in the creation of additional winning combinations. Simply delightful!

During the main game, you can trigger the Hand Of God Feature at random. In this regard, the god that is currently active will unleash his special power.

Hades: One set of symbols will transform into another set of symbols.
Poseidon: You are awarded up to 2 Wilds on the reels.
Zeus: Two sets of any symbols are destroyed from the reels.

Notice the aegis at the left side of the reels? The Aegis is actually a meter. Each time you earn a win with a God Symbol, you fill a section of the meter. For each section filled, you are awarded a multiplier starting from 3x, 4x and ending on 5x.

If you clear the totality of the reels of Rise Of Olympus Slot, you activate the Free Spins Feature. You will then have to choose one of the gods to assist you through the feature. Each god awards a different level of the prize and different extra spins when the aegis is recharged.

Hades: 4 Free Spins + 4 Extra Free Spins Upon Recharge
Poseidon: 5 Free Spins + 3 Extra Free Spins Upon Recharge
Zeus: 8 Free Spins + 2 Extra Free Spins Upon Recharge

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