Last Chance Saloon

Last Chance Saloon

Play Last Chance Saloon Slot Online

Don the cowboy hat, wield the lasso and experience the Old West - full of games of chance, pistols, and a lucky throw of the dice. Will you come out on top at [Brand Name]’s Last Chance Saloon? Will you double your winnings or go back to the ranch empty-handed?

Betting Options

Last Chance Saloon offers players the chance to win x4500 the original stake. Players can enjoy 30 win lines on a 5x4 grid. Last Chance Saloon has offers 93.72% RTP.

• Min stake: 10p

• Max stake: £50

Bonus Features

Coin Feature

The West is Wild, which is why Last Chance Saloon features Coins, Wild symbols that appear in the middle line and substitute for all symbols. On the back of each coin is a number which, if flipped, can produce a multiplier that applies to all win lines that pass through the coin, if it lands face up that is. Multiple coins can appear on any spin and you could get a multiplier up to x50!

Second Chance

Second chances don’t come ‘round too often, partner, but at the last chance saloon we believe everyone should get one! If one or more coins flips but you don’t get a multiplier, Second Chance can activate and flip the coins on their multiplier sides. If there isn’t a multiplier awarded after Second Chance, another coin flip can activate randomly, so fingers crossed!

Bullet Spins

Duck and cover, we’ve got Bullet Spins flying at this saloon! There are three symbols on reels 1, 3 & 5 that trigger six to eight bullet spins. During the bonus rounds when a coin awards with a multiplier, it will instead be added to a growing global multiplier that applies to all formed win lines. The global multiplier will reset when bullet spins end. You won’t find any scatters during a bullet spin, though, so you’ll have to wait to get any more bonus spins!

Double or Nothing

Fortune favours the bold! After Bullet Spins ends you can choose to either collect your current wins or go for Double or Nothing. A coin with a blank and double side will be flipped and if it lands on the double side - you guessed it - you double your winnings! If it lands on the blank side, though, your Bullet Spins wins will miss their target!