Hi Lo Blackjack

Hi Lo Blackjack

Hi Lo Blackjack - the name speaks for itself really; a combination of Blackjack and the Hi Lo game. You get to play the regular, fun game of blackjack with an added bonus and a twist - you get to bet on whether the next card drawn will be 'higher' or 'lower'. This offers even more chances to win and will really get your pulse racing higher.

Hi Lo Blackjack

Sit at the prestigious Blackjack table on Hi Lo Blackjack, a game created by Realistic Games. With the graphics found on this game, it will be like you are playing at a real casino table at a land based destination!

The game gives you the option to personalise your play in the Preferences window. If you wish to change from the classic green table to another colour, you may take your pick from red, grey, fuchsia, blue or rain forest. The card display may as well be chosen, from normal to big. You will find little boxes on the right hand-side which you may tick to always offer insurance, always offer even money, remove bust cards, in-game warnings and automatic stand. In the In-game warning, you will find a panel on which will display whether the chosen hit or stand option has a negative impact on a hand. This will be a guide all throughout your play. Choosing the Automatic Stand will make the software automatically stand on soft 19 & 20. The game will also stand on hard 17, 18, 19 and 20. Split hand in play are unaffected. You may also select the dealer’s voice, from female to male, the dealer’s voice sound, music and sound effects volumes

The chips values available are 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500. After having picked the desired chip, select any or all 5 bet spots on the table. You will then be presented with more game options such as ‘Deal’, ‘Double Bet’, ‘Undo’ and ‘Clear All’. After a game is played, you may opt for the same bet by the use of ‘Repeat & Deal’ button or ‘Repeat Bet’ which will only place the bet without the cards being dealt.

Some simple rules that you will find on the game is that the dealer must stand on all 17s. The option to split a hand is offered once per hand with no re-splits. In the event that you have Split hands, this will not qualify to boost the Blackjack payout. Cards of the same value results in a Push whereby the bets are returned. A player wins 1-1 on the game while Blackjack pays 3-2. When Aces have been Split, you receive one more card without the Double Down option. This option is only at hand on any two cards and is permitted after non Ace Splits. Insurance is available on this game, paying 2-1 when taken.

The Hi Lo side on this game is optional, the normal Blackjack game will still play without this side bet. This bet applies to your initial cards per box. Your bet is on whether the second card dealt will be Higher or Lower than the first.

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