Chronos Joker

Chronos Joker

On Chronos Joker slot, the game is all about multipliers! Play’n Go gives players the chance to play for Multipliers and Super Multipliers! The Super multipliers are doubled and can bring players up to 20 times their bet! The Multipliers are triggered when you play on the respins. When this happens, you’ll discover three different games the Super Spins past, present and future features!

Chronos Joker Slot

Brace yourself for Play’n Go’s top creation called Chronos Joker Slot! You will head off to a world where an ancient hourglass was created. The game is a mixture of a classic slot and the four powerful timepieces. You will play with 3 reels and 5 paylines on this classic slot.

The many symbols found in the game are pocket watches, hourglasses, grapes, plums, cherries, lemons, sundials and futuristic wristwatches.

Did you know that time passes faster for your face than for your feet? Per Einstein’s theory of relativity dictates - the closer you are to the centre of the Earth, the slower time goes and this has been measured! On Mercury, it’s believed that a day is two years long. Another unbelievable thing is that because light takes time to reach us, everything we see is in the past! The sun we see out there is of the window is 8 minutes and 20 seconds old.

The wild symbol is pictured by the joker symbol. When popping up on the reels of Chronos Joker Slot, the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols. This doesn’t apply for the scatter symbols. Get your hands on stacks of 3 identical symbols on any 2 reels to trigger a Re-Spin feature. The Re-spin will vary depending on the multiplier that’s active.

You can activate the Multiplier Feature on any spin. The winning combos you get can activate a multiplier of 10x, 5x, 4x, 3x or 2x. The features will be activated based on the size of the multiplier:

  • Spins of the Future Feature – this is activated when you get a 2x multiplier. The re-spin will enhance the multiplier to 10x (3x, 4x, 5x and 10x).

  • Spins of the Past Feature – this is launched when you come upon a 10x multiplier. The re-spin will reduce the multiplier to 5x, 4x, 3x and 2x.

  • Spins of the Present Feature – triggered when you get your hands on a 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier.

Find the multiplier values doubled at the start of the spin or re-spin. Chronos Joker Slot offers 3 Super Spin features for you to enjoy:

  • Super Spins of the Future Feature – launched if the multiplier is 4x. With each re-spin, find the multiplier increase to 6x, 8x, 10x and finally 20x. The re-spins continue until you seize a win.

  • Super Spins of the Present Feature – triggered if the multiplier is 10x, 8x or 6x. Here too, the re-spins continue until you get a winning combo.

  • Super Spins of the Past Feature – launched if the multiplier is 20x. Each Re-spin makes the multiplier decrease to 10x, 8x, 6x and finally 4x. The re-spins continue until you seize a win.

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