Casino Solitaire

Casino Solitaire

Microgaming brings you Casino Solitaire. This is a top car game based on the famous card game. Place your bets and grab a win for each card you can remove from the stack. You also have a side bet option; these include no bet or all red or all black cards option. If you get a hand of black or red cards, you could win up to 200x your bet.

Casino Solitaire

Who doesn’t know the card game of Solitaire? This first-person game gained its popularity following its introduction in Windows XP. And it was regarded as the most played card game on windows, after Spider Solitaire. Just the mere word Solitaire brings these nostalgic feelings for those who were a fan of the card game. Now, the fun is brought to your screen with added features. Gamevy has spiced up the fun by adding wagers. Care to deal the cards and arrange the suits in their order? Here’s what you need to know about Casino Solitaire at Lucky Pants Bingo.

To play Casino Solitaire, you need to have an account at Lucky Pants Bingo. Don’t have one yet? Feel free to register by clicking the Join Now button. Those who own an account at the bingo site get access to its bingo games, the many slots and even casino games available. Let’s start playing Casino Solitaire by selecting the bets of your choice.

You are allowed to pick the stake amount of your choice. The game lets you pick from two kinds of bets. You can bet on either of them… or both of them! Each bet comes with a maximum and minimum amount. While Bet 1 holds a maximum wager of £3, Bet 2 has £1. Choose your bet amount and it will show you a display with the various payouts adjusted as per your bet.

Click on Solitaire to begin playing. Once you are in, you will find different hands with a mix of cards and suits. At the top of the screen, there are four empty squares. These are called the suit squares, where you need to arrange the cards as per their suits to win the game. You might notice that the hands displayed at the bottom come with mix suits, red on black, black on black or red on red. However, on suit squares, you cannot order them. They should follow their ranking as they appear on card suits.

Here’s a catch. You can move cards around the hands to play and reveal additional cards to complete your hand easily. But the cards can only be moved onto opposite coloured hands. You won’t be able to move a black card on a black. Black can only be moved onto red and vice versa.

Find the rules too complicated? A range of options is offered to ease your gameplay. Go for the autopay button to have all of the cards arranged in just a click! That’s right, the round will be complete in a click and a pop up will show you the payout that you managed to receive.

Looking for other card games to try at Lucky Pants Bingo? Find a list of equally entertaining casino games at the site, such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Super Wheel and many more. Keep up the entertainment by sparing additional rounds for these games at any convenient time. Ready to play Casino Solitaire?