Carnival Cow Coin Combo

Carnival Cow Coin Combo

The carnival is here! Join in the fun with a wondrous 243 ways to win.

Play Carnival Cow Coin Combo Slot Online

They don’t call it Coin Combo for nothing! Any red Element Coin landing in the red bowl will trigger the Jackpot Feature. During the Jackpot Feature, 15 coins will be presented, which can reveal the FU Baby symbols to award a jackpot. Ready for a thrilling festival experience? Play Carnival Cow Coin Combo online today.

Bonus Features

Wild Symbol

The tree symbol is wild and substitutes for all symbols, except for the Element Coin symbols. The wild symbol appears on the base game reels 2, 3 and 4.

Element Coins

Each Element Coin that lands during the base game will fly into the corresponding coloured bowl above the reels. Element coins are collected during play until randomly one of them triggers the corresponding bowl. More than one bowl can be triggered on a single spin. If bowls are triggered, the corresponding feature will start. If the red bowl is triggered, the Jackpot Feature is awarded. If the green or blue bowl is triggered, the Cow Feature is awarded.

Jackpot Feature

Any red Element Coin landing in the red bowl may trigger the Jackpot Feature. During the Jackpot Feature, 15 coins will be presented. Coins are revealed by clicking on them. Coins will reveal FU Baby symbols or the Upgrade symbol. Once 3 matching FU Baby symbols have been revealed, the corresponding Jackpot is awarded. If 3 Upgrade symbols are revealed before a Jackpot is awarded, the Jackpot won is upgraded to the next level. If Grand is awarded, it will be awarded twice.

Cow Feature

There are 6 variations of the Cow Feature, depending on the combination of triggered bowls in the base game. The combination of triggered bowls influences the size of the Cow Feature grid and the number of the Starter Coins (coins that are randomly added to the grid at the start of the Cow feature.) If the Mighty Feature, Super Feature, Ultra Feature, Supreme Feature or Ultimate Feature are triggered, then the Cow Feature is triggered. During each Cow Feature spin, any green coin that lands on screen will award the sum of the awards displayed on all normal coins and the number of remaining spins is reset to 3.