Progressive Jackpot wins (PJPs) are common here at Lucky Pants Bingo, but they still come as a (great!) surprise when you're on the end of them! 

Take Zoeandrosie, for example, the lucky lass from Lancashire who just won £710.57 playing bingo! “Hi my mum says we going on holiday as we won the lucky numbers thank you lucky pants love you lots xx love from Zoe and rosie” – said lucky Zoeandrosie

Lucky Pants Bingo offers both bingo and great entertainment in its all it's rooms, abut the Newbie room was particularly buzzing that day. Zoeandrosie was perhaps on the edge of her seat while she waited for her numbers to come out: one line went by, two lines followed and finally it was Full House! To her relief, it was her name that appeared on the winners’ board. But wait… she caught more than the regular pot - she'd won the Lucky Numbers PJP.!

You could be the next winner - TODAY! Forget the housework and slip away in the garden with your lappy for a few bingo games. Choose 4 lucky numbers (don't wait, do it right now! Ask you CH to show you how) and if you daub all 4 on one bingo card in less than 14 calls during a Lucky Numbers game you'll win the big progressive jackpot! That’s exactly how zoeandrosie won!

Grab a juicy progressive win at - good luck! 

Lucky Pants Bingo

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