Luck recently fell into minx777’s lap - I was pretty happy….. It was really good and special to me.”

The all-time favourite game on – Fluffy Favourites – Minigame recently made minx777’s playtime smashing with a pay of £1,518! Was it a wish upon a falling star or did she wear her lucky pants on that day?

This big win is spot on for the holidays… Instead of soaking up in the backyard, lucky minx777 can catch a tan at one of those dreamy beaches you only see in pictures! Take the lid off soon pal, the roomies are surely eager as ever to know more!

At first glance, the theme might not exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, but once you take a spin the features will keep you wanting for more. It’s a trip to the funfair, where you can have a fancy ride and also a go at winning prizes…Yes, you got it right!

One of the cutest thing that will definitely make you say ‘awwwww’ is the pink elephant. Acting as the wild here, whenever it shows up – it shakes its tooshie and award a win! Wait up, it will also award you some free spins! How about putting your skills to test? The prize to take home is up to 100 times stake for each toy.

Stuff your pockets or why not your pants with luck and play at… Remember no peacock feathers in the house!

Lucky Pants Bingo

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