Cash Carnival set the stage on fire at one of the most popular online bingo site, Lucky Pants Bingo! With £150,000 worth of prizes over 9 weeks, that hot summer promotion has already made over 600 lucky winners. It does not stop here, Cash Carnival ends on the 31st of August.


Cash Prizes, Bonus Prizes, Thomson vouchers, shopping vouchers, holiday vouchers, picnic sets, BBQ hampers and bottles of Prosecco are some of the prizes that 1,742 players have won so far. Four weeks have gone by and new players continue to join in! With still five weeks to go, a new pre-buy and prize draw game will be played every week.


The tans may fade, but the summer winnings will never be forgotten! A total of £15,230 was rewarded as real cash prizes and a total of £5,869 bonuses were given out! All vouchers rewarded to players were £6,850! A total of tasty 30 prosecco bottles were sent and five picnic sets as well.

The four weeks of competition have come to an end for the month of July! Time for the month of August to kick off with the Candy Rush prize draw where you can win up to £2,000 cash! Also, the pre-buy game £10,000 Sugar Rush Bingo is a 5 Line bingo game that has delicious cash prizes on offer!  On each line win you have a different prize to win! An angel passing!

  • 5th Line Win- £5,000
  • 4th Line Win- £2,500
  • 3rd Line Win- £,1000
  • 2nd Line Win- £750
  • 1st Line Win- £100
  • 1TG Wins- £250

Continue the Cash Carnival journey at the candy stall!

  • Moving on to Week 6, participate in the Helter Skelter Handout draw, Hammer Hit daily game where you’ll have to claim a code and £5,000 9.30 PM Friday bingo game.
  • On Week 7, continue the adventure of the Cash Coaster prize draw, Can Alley daily game and We Heart Bingo Game, which is a Charity Bingo Game that supports the British Heart Foundation on Friday 9.30 PM.
  • On Week 8, enjoy the Fairground Fortune prize draw, crystal ball daily game and £5,000 share the magic bingo game bingo game!
  • Week 9 is the final week of Cash Carnival, The £150,000 grand finale! Where you have a £10,000 prize draw and a £50,000 bingo game Finale!

Stay tuned for more spoilers of the Cash Carnival summer promo!

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