From Carnival to Hook a Duck, from Fun House to Claw Grabber, and from Candy Stall to Candy Store, nine weeks have elapsed and the £150K Cash Carnival Promotion has ended… alongside summer. Through the days, this promotion has made the month of sunshine enjoyable for many players! With over 12,000 winners, this promotion has surely made some happy faces at the best online bingo site- Lucky Pants Bingo

To perfectly bring the member’s crowd into the festive mood, each week, a new themed promotion was added on the site. Carnival are most known for the fun atmosphere, but this carnival themed promotion will be remembered as THE ultimate winning season!  With a new opt-in offer added every week, all participants have tried their luck, and they all grabbed their share throughout the weeks and months.

Over the 8 weeks, players were nicely pampered with different prizes! All the bingo rooms hosted special bingo games around this promotion… and a total of £59,000 was given out to the participants! Each week, they won amazing vouchers worth a massive £4,250! The happy winners are surely planning their holidays with these Thomson Vouchers! As for Bonus prizes, total of £44,100 was awarded; looks like participants will be having some additional gameplays!  Vouchers, trips, prizes, cash, bonuses; winners took it all!

The festive feeling was most felt in the many bingo rooms! Different chat games were played across the weeks and lovely prizes were given out! Players won chocolates, kitchen decorations, keyrings, sunglasses and other claw-some items!

And for the last week, things got heated at Lucky Pants Bingo! 1436 participants found themselves in the list which gave them their share of the massive £25,200 bunch! Over 9 wonderful weeks, a total of £150,800 has been won by 13,854 joyous players!

Go with the flow in this change of season and be ready to catch colossal offers and promotions at Lucky Pants Bingo!

Lucky Pants Bingo

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