What Peculiar Pants Are You?

We hope you’ve been enjoying our latest daily play board game, Stranger Thongs. But do you know which pair of peculiar pants best fits you? Take this quiz to find out!





1. What is your favourite kind of party?

a) A garden party with tea and scones

b) Fancy dress – gives me an excuse to look like a pirate

c) A chilled-out beach bash where you can just hang out

d) You know that film The Great Gatsby with Leo DiCaprio? Like that but fancier!

e) I’m all about that street party vibe

d) House-warming – preferably where people haven’t unpacked yet…


2. What would your dream holiday be?

a) Strolling through fields of tulips in The Netherlands

b) Birdwatching in Costa Rica – home to one-tenth of the world’s bird species

c) Anywhere with sand, sea and fruity cocktail

d) It’s got to be a weekend at the Ritz, darling

e) Take me to Rio for the carnival

f) Boxing Day. I stand by my answer.


3. It’s movie night, so you’re watching…?

a) Alice in Wonderland – “You can learn a lot of things from the flowers”, love to sing along!

b) Solo – Han Solo is the ultimate smuggler!

c) Moana – to get those chilled out, tropical beach vibes!

d) The Downton Abbey movie – everyone’s just so well-dressed!

e) Rio – it always gets me in the party mood!

f) Rocky – he gets it.


4. What’s your favourite colour?

a) A nice floral pink

b) Budgie blue

c) A bright, fruity Yellow

d) Black – it’s smart and classic

e) Anything that sparkles

f) Brown


5. What quote best sums you up?

a) “You’ve got to stop and smell the roses.”

b) “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

c) “Sky above, sand below, peace within.”

d) “Fashion comes and goes, but style is eternal.”

e) “Why walk when you can dance?”

f) “Life is a box waiting to be filled.”



If you picked mostly A’s, you are Auntie's Bloomer's

With a personality as sweet as a flower, you like to dote on your favourite people (much like their favourite aunt).


If you picked mostly B’s, you are Budgie Smugglers

With a buccaneering heart and flighty soul, you’re not afraid to be a bit daring!


If you picked mostly C’s, you are a Banana Hammock

‘Life’s a beach’ is your motto – you like things laid back, free and easy (preferably with a fruity cocktail in hand)!


If you picked mostly D’s, you are Fancy Pants

You’ve got a taste for the high-life and are always ready to suit up in your classiest tux or smartest ball-gown.


If you picked mostly E’s, you are Brazilians

You’re samba-dy who loves a party and will quite happily dance in your pants!


If you picked mostly F’s, you are Boxers

You’re a very straight to the point person who doesn’t try to ‘think outside the box’ too much.


Now you’re ready to roll the dice and fill your pants with prizes! Find out how to earn rolls every day on the  Stranger Thongs promo page.


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