Too Hot to Handle or Too Cold to Care?

If the recent glorious weather has you dreaming about a beach getaway, then Netflix’s new reality show, Too Hot to Handle, might just be the bit of escapism you’re looking for…

A sun-soaked resort? Tick. Drama? Double tick! Banana hammocks? Not so much. Still, you can’t have everything.

Taking its cues from fan-favourite Love Island, this dating show sets up a group of young stunners in a luxurious villa and encourages them to fancy the pants off each other. But there’s a twist; flirt as much as you want but don’t touch. Physical contact, whether it’s just kissing or a little afternoon delight, is off-limits.

The rules are simple: at the end of the 30-day retreat, each participant wins a share of $100,000. BUT… if they are caught kissing, the prize money decreases by $3,000, go all the way and they could knock up to $20,000 off the pot! It doesn’t matter who breaks the rules, everyone suffers.

What’s worse is that the off-limits bomb is not thrown in right away. After 12 hours, when everyone’s getting relaxed and maybe a bit flirty, BOOM! You can’t touch each other.

Instead the contestants go through various activities that will encourage them to grow as people. That’s the aim in the end – to forge genuine connections instead of falling into temptation (although we’re inclined to think it’s all a bit of a gimmick to create tension).

As for the cast, some of them make us think “how did you even get there?”. Particularly interesting characters include Gender Studies Graduate, Sharron, who thinks he unlocked the secrets to picking up women through his degree! Then there’s Haley, a sorority girl from Florida, who certainly stirs things up. Who will fail and who may come out as a better person? Only time will tell.

No spoilers here, but we will say that in the first episode nothing special happens. Beyond that there’s alliances, deceit, pacts, revenge and vendettas – the whole package!

Too Hot to Handle is fun and worth a watch, though we can’t seem to stop comparing it to Love Island. But as long as there’s drama, fights and gossip, we’re in!

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