Hilarious Pranks for April Fool's Day

It’s time to show off your inner-jokester with the following pranks that barely cost a thing and are super easy to execute. Whether you’re after a gag that’s noisy, messy, silly, or sticky, you’ll find many will get caught out. So, watch your back… you could be the next one!

Dirty Nappy

Ever heard of the baby shower game of melted chocolate inside a nappy? It works amazingly as a timeless April Fool’s Prank. If you have a baby, go for it! Simply smear a nappy with peanut butter or chocolate candy. Call in your spouse or someone else to watch with horror as you taste the mess.

All Eyes

Open the fridge and glue a pair of google eyes on every single item. You will notice that the condiments appear to stare back when someone opens the fridge. This idea works well with all produce. If you have other suggestions in mind, make the most out of it!

All the Noise

Set bubble wrap under a bathmat for a foul surprise when a passer-by steps down. It’s best to use this idea first thing in the morning before your innocent victim has had any tea — nothing like a loud, surprising sound to wake someone up real quick!

Gravity-Defying Glass

Put an upside-down glass of water on your victim’s table! Let them work out how to remove the glass without causing the water inside to flow. Ha-Ha! So, fill the glass and put a card over the top before turning it upside down swiftly. Follow by removing the card carefully.

Unfamiliar Faces

Whether at home or in your workplace, swap out the photos in frames or employee gallery wall. Change the familiar faces with pics of historic figures, politicians, or celebs. What — you never knew Rowan Atkinson was a distant cousin…?

Up your game with these pranks that will keep them laughing all year long!

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