The Masked Singer on TV – Who is behind the remaining masks?

Could this be the strangest show television has ever seen?

The Masked Singer aired in the UK TV after becoming a popular show across the globe for several years. Now that we’re left with just three stars in disguise. We bet you are eager to know who is behind the remaining masks, right?

So, What’s Happened So Far?

After a tense semi-final, both CeeLo Green was unveiled as Monster and Denise van Outen was revealed as Fox had to leave the show. Left competing for the crown in Saturday’s final are Queen Bee, Hedgehog, and Octopus.

Who’s Left?

Queen Bee is the favourite to win. Many viewers are confident they already know who’s under the costume. They believe it is none other than Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts. One of the hints points to Queen Bee being Nicola is that she was a protestor in the exclusion of the use of sunbeds to under 16s.

In the VT, Queen Bee was playing the drums which could be linked to her debut solo single known as ‘Beat of My Drum’. ‘In my last performance, the judges and the audience gave me a really Royal reception and this Queen Bee couldn’t have been happier,’ Queen Bee exclaimed.

Jason Manford is a popular guess for Hedgehog. Davina McCall, Ken Jeong, Rita Ora, and Jonathan Ross all came to the conclusion that Hedgehog must be a comedian after a remarkable performance of Sia’s Chandelier. Do you agree with them?

Fans, however, have made up their minds on who Hedgehog may be. They seem to have settled on Jason Manford. ‘Loads of people saying Hedgehog is Michael Ball, disappointed when they find out its Jason Manford,’ said one of the viewers on social media.

Meanwhile, Octopus is proving the toughest to guess. Kerry Ellis, Jane McDonald, Lucy Pargeter, Ashley Roberts, Katherine Jenkins, and Emily Symon are all popular theories, although there isn’t a clear favourite. Would you go for Jane McDonald?

In one of January’s shows, the Octopus gave the panel two lies and a truth. It was to help them guess who the great singer behind the mask was. One of them seemed to aim at a legendary entertainer. After giving an extraordinary performance of Bobby Darin’s Splish Splash, the panel had to decide which was the truth and which two were lies from her clues.

The options were that they were found on a cruise ship. They had used an accent trainer to get ready for the show. Or that they became rich in the cosmetics industry. Viewers tweeted: ‘Discovered on a cruise ship so probably Jane McDonald and ‘If this octopus isn’t Jane McDonald, I’ll eat my hat.’

The Masked Singer ends on Saturday at 7pm over on ITV. Are you looking forward to the final?

Lucky Pants Bingo / 14 February 2020