The Good Luck Charms

For thousands of years, humans have been using good luck charms for many reasons such as putting off evils or bringing luck. Many charms are present in all cultures while some are distinct to certain regions. Here’s a grand collection of charms from around the world which you might never have heard of:

Three-Legged Toads

Known as the Jin Chan or Chan Chu, the ‘money toad’ is famous in Chinese Culture. It is a Feng Chui prosperity charm which is believed to attract wealth and push away bad luck. As per Feng Chui experts, by putting a Jin Chan statue in the lucky corner of your room, it will bring luck and prosperity. Also, they recommend adding a gold coin in the toad’s mouth.

Chimney Sweeps

In the 18th century, King George III declared that all chimney sweeps are lucky. He came to that conclusion as a chimney sweep saved him from falling off his horses when they went out of control. The king was so grateful that he even invited his saviour to his daughter’s wedding. Since then, it is believed that having a sweep at a marriage is auspicious. Many brides and grooms still hire sweeps to bless their weddings.

Touching Wood

Knocking on wood or touching it brings luck, as per the Western cultures. This superstition emerged from the pagan times as during those days, trees were worshipped as they were believed to have magical powers. People also believed that trees were the homes of spirits, thus touching them was a way of asking for a stroke of luck. Some people also think that wood is blessed as it served for the crucifixion of Jesus.

Cat’s Eye

In Asian and Indian culture, the cat’s eye is said to repel evil eyes while clearing all the obstacles in one’s life. It is believed to save a person from unexpected and harmful mishaps like attacks or accidents. Plus, it is said to help businessmen or gamblers to incur potential losses as it protects fortune. Surprisingly, this gemstone has also been helpful in helping curing paralysis and mental disorders.


In Chinese culture, lucky bamboo or friendship bamboo is said to bring luck. However, you need to be the receiver of this gift item, so that good luck prevails upon you. As per Feng Chui, the bamboo must be out in the east part of a room so that it helps to improve your energy level (Chi). Also, once you receive this plant, you have to arrange all five elements around it.

/ 24 August 2017