Smoothie Recipes for Summer

It’s summer! And sandy toes, sun-kissed skin, and smoothies are in! Whether you’re taking a bike ride through the countryside or lounging by the pool playing online slots or bingo games, a smoothie is the ideal summer drink to keep you cool and refreshed.

Packed with healthy ingredients and fruity deliciousness, smoothies are filled with nutrients, easy to digest, simple to make, and ultra-hydrating – they are literally a meal in themselves!

A smoothie for everyone

Before you get started, can we just check that you’ve got a blender because you’re going to need to find, beg, or borrow one for these recipes! Something that makes smoothies so incredibly enticing (apart from their delectability) is the fact that they’re so versatile. The following recipes can all be adapted to suit a variety of food preferences and restrictions.

Milk can be replaced with plant-based alternatives such as soya milk, almond milk, or oat milk, for those who are lactose-intolerant or vegan, or who simply want to reduce the amount of dairy in their diet.

Recipes that call for yoghurt can use any unflavoured yoghurt of your choice – from Greek yoghurt to soy or coconut yoghurt.

If you have a nut allergy, simply forgo the nut butter or swap it with a nut or seed that you are OK to have.

Be sure to use gluten-free oats if you’re gluten-intolerant.

Each of the featured smoothies serves one as a meal or two as a snack or side. Without further delay, here are our six favourite fruity smoothie recipes for summer!

1. Blueberry Delicious