Netflix’s Hot New Show – The Floor Is Lava.

Netflix’s burning new show reimagines our favourite childhood game through a combo of Wipeout and The Legends Of The Hidden Temple. Except this time, we get to watch overconfident amateurs jump to their “death” to secure their £10,000. Trust us, you’ll need more than lucky pants to get away with this lot!

It’s simple; teams of three try to cross a room with furniture and obstacles but stay away from the ground…Because THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

Contestants are seen climbing, jumping and often overthinking their next step. Coordination and strategy are key. One mistake and you’re as good as dead (not literally, of course). Their last sounds may be an anguishing “Noooo!” as their friends make futile attempts to help. The round continues until the trio either ends up in the lava or one person actually manages to reach the finish line.

We certainly love a good challenge and The Floor Is Lava fits perfectly! In fact, Gold Volcano is our seasonal favourite. That's one volcano which pours down lava-hot prizes!

The Floor Is Lava comes with multiple rooms with varying themes; contestants may face a lava-flooded Egypt in one round and step into a planetarium in the other.

But we hear you ask, “Is the floor really lava?”

Irad Eyal, the show’s executive producer spent three months searching for the right concoction to act as the lava. After over 50 formulas, they created the perfect blend, one that safely glows, has enough gooeyness to stick to objects and is slippery (thanks, science!). The lava is safe to ingest but something tells us that it might be hard to swallow...

The Floor Is Lava is surely a journey down memory lane. Watch it and you’ll wish you were playing it. That’s how good it is! Would you dare to enter a room with 100,000 gallons of boiling “lava”, bubbling and smoking in front of you? Pull on your hottest of hot pants and dive in!

Lucky Pants Bingo / 28 July 2020