How to play hen party bingo

Whether you know it as hen party or bachelorette bingo, this is not the version that your nan plays at the club, or even at Lucky Pants Bingo (our bingo games offer a different kind of sexy fun). Discover more about the saucy twist that this version offers below.

What is hen party bingo?

While “hen party bingo” may conjure up an image of a bunch of hens playing together in the chicken coop, with the first prize being a mountain of birdseed, we’re talking about a different kind of hen party.

This hen party is, of course, a celebration for a woman who is about to get married, and is also known as a “bachelorette party” in other parts of the world. It’s sometimes viewed as the last chance for them to let their hair down! The hen party twist on the game we all know and love is that players don’t just mark off numbers on a card, but are instead given challenges that they must complete. Let’s find out more about how to play the game, and the sort of challenges our players may find themselves undertaking. It’s a great ice-breaker, especially if not everyone at the hen party already knows each other.

How to play

As with a regular game, each player receives a card. These cards have a grid, but unlike the classic game of chance, the grid is not filled with numbers but challenges that the player must complete. Players also have a list that has a number next to each challenge. This numbered list can be printed on the back of the card, or on a separate piece of paper.

During a game, the host calls out numbers as normal, and players check to see if the number matches up with any of the challenges on their card. If they get a match, they have to complete the challenge, after which they mark it off on the card. Once the player completes a vertical or horizontal line, they’re declared the winner!

However, this game is not for the faint of heart, as some challenges can be quite, shall we say, naughty. Players may find themselves needing to complete tricky tasks such as:

Ask for a guy’s number (could be awkward if you’re in a relationship)

Get a stranger to pay you for a kiss (depending on where you’re playing it)

Persuade someone at the bar to buy you a drink (which may not be so difficult)

Approach someone you don’t know and give them a compliment (it might make their lucky day)

Beg for a selfie with a stranger (do you get bonus points if they’re a hottie?)

Dance on a table (the more spectators, the better)

Get a guy’s undies (this might not be so hard if you’re a guy)

Ask a stranger to marry you (don’t cry if they say “no”… though you might have to run if they say “yes”!)

Take a selfie wearing a policeman’s hat (stealing it and getting arrested isn’t part of the challenge)

Find a couple that you don’t know and start dancing with them (but don’t get too flirty with your dance moves or you may end up on the receiving end of a jealous partner!)

If any of the players are cheeky enough to try to cheat, a suitable punishment can always be dished out. Shots anyone?

Tips for a successful hen party

When playing this game, it’s nice to make it a bit more fun for everyone. Here’s a few ideas to start you off:

  • Match the challenges to the party – While you may think it’s awesome and fun to do shots off some bloke’s rock-hard abs, not all of your friends may feel the same way. If most of them are more likely to enjoy a quiet evening of wine tasting rather than getting absolutely smashed at the club, it’s probably a good idea to set challenges that everyone will enjoy.
  • Have prizes for winning – What better way to get people involved than to offer prizes for winning? Make them something fun that everyone playing will want to win and you should get everyone’s buy-in – even the more shy members of your party. This could be something as simple as a tasty cocktail, or something more elaborate, like a spa voucher or fancy bottle of wine.
  • Have booby prizes for coming last, or for the cheaters – While most people don’t like losing, it’s a bit different if it’s your friends who are teasing you. Consider having them do a forfeit such as a saucy dare, or perhaps carry around an embarrassing prop.
  • Play hen party bingo online – With many hen parties involving people spread across the world or different parts of the country, it can be hard to get everyone in the same place these days. Thankfully we have webcams and video calls, so there’s no excuse not to throw a virtual party instead! While you may not be able to do all of these challenges from your living room, you can still adapt the game to include daring drinking games, silly antics, and embarrassing/confessional stories to keep all the members of your hen party entertained!

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Anonymous / 12 January 2021