Hilarious Slot Game Names from Around the World

Hilarious Slot Game Names from Around the World

There’s a couple of things that we absolutely love at Lucky Pants Bingo: online bingo games, slots, and of course, cool and quirky names. Not that you could tell, right? Online slots are undoubtedly some of the most popular casino games on any site, and there are literally hundreds to choose from every time you log in.

So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that some manufacturers have gone the extra mile to make their games stand out. Some will ensure that theirs have amazing gameplay; others provide epic graphics. There are often big in-game bonuses on offer… and then just a few developers will take a different, more direct approach – hilarious slot machine names!

There are many funny names for games, but we’re going to go through a couple of our favourite, weird, “did you really just do that” names that are so far out, they’re brilliant.

Here are the best wacky names to look out for when you play slots online.

Cougar-Licious by IGT

Immediate disclaimer: be very careful when you Google this title and ensure you put “slot game” at the end of your search. (We all know what a cougar is, right? We’re not talking about mountain lions here, dear friends. Rather, this game is referring to those sexy older ladies who happen to prefer younger men.) While we can’t really believe that IGT did name a game after this slang term, we do have to give the developer “props” in sticking to the theme. It’s a five-reel game that has suggestive symbols like room keys, beautiful older women, young men and lipstick.

Wonky Wabbits by NetEnt

First things first, the rabbit in this online slot is meant to be wonky and it does have a sort of deranged look to it, so don’t get frightened when it bursts onto the screen to snack on your symbols. This five-reel slot is in a cartoon style, and all your symbols are tasty snacks for da wabbit, such as aubergines, carrots, and – oddly enough – a doughnut.

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 by IGT

Welcome to another hilarious slot title from IGT. Now, the amusement factor of this title is not immediately obvious off the bat, given it just seems to be some really nifty alliteration. However, it takes playing the game to understand that poor Larry is really not lucky at all – and that’s why the name of this game is so great. With five reels and four paylines, it’s a nice enough slot, but the sea-fishing symbols make you realise that Lucky Larry is, unfortunately, more likely to be your lunch than anything else.

Hairway to Heaven by Realtime Gaming

Picture this: Led Zeppelin’s famously curly locks in a slot game that pays homage to the band’s classic “Stairway to Heaven” hit. Okay, now that you’ve done that – we can tell you that this game actually has nothing to do with Led Zeppelin or their song, unfortunately. Led you down the garden path there, didn’t we! Instead, this title is just a play on the name that’s been borrowed for a cartoon slot based on the Rapunzel fairy tale. She lets her hair down the side of the tower so that her delectable Prince Charming can climb up and come to her rescue.

Wok & Roll by Realtime Gaming

Yes, RTG did just name a Chinese kitchen-themed slot machine “Wok & Roll”. While we may cringe a bit (a lot) at the name, we do see what it was trying to go for, here. However, the whizz developer missed a pretty big wordplay trick on this one! Instead of a classic rock ’n’ roll soundtrack rousing the senses while matching up delicious Chinese food symbols, players are serenaded by the sweet sound of… reggae? Ya mon, you see what we mean? It just doesn’t make sense.

Invaders from the Planet Moolah by WMS

If you play online bingo or slots, then you know that we just love a little cash wordplay. So “moolah” itself probably doesn’t strike you as really funny. However, it’s the game itself that lends the name its entertainment value. The invaders coming to your screen are actually cows that have commandeered laser-equipped spaceships. We’re guessing the “steaks” were high when naming this game.

Karate Pig by Microgaming

The Simpsons introduced us to the adorable Spider-Pig character, but Microgaming has taken it another step and created a Karate Pig slot machine. This is no normal karate-practising pig, either! It’s a highly trained Japanese porker that’s looking to bust some chops in this slot machine! All in all, it’s probably not the funniest name on our list, but seeing a pig perform highly technical martial arts manoeuvres makes it worth a mention – and maybe a few spins, if you’re curious.

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/ 19 November 2021