A short guide to the dos and don’ts of virtual bingo


Like we said before, a lot of the basics might sound like common sense, but some people need to be reminded how to behave from time to time. It can be easy to get carried away when you’re having so much fun, so just keep these few simple tips in mind and you’ll be the life of the virtual bingo party!

Do follow the rules

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s a crucial baseline for good etiquette. Now, we aren’t talking about the rules for playing bingo, but more the rules of the bingo room that you’re playing in. When you join the room you’ll be shown the rules for the game and the chat, and you’ll be expected to follow them to a T.

It’s also a good idea, since we want to cover all our bases, to check the t’s and c’s of the bingo site you decide to play at, before you deposit any money into an account on that site. Just to make sure you aren’t going to accidentally break any rules you might not have known about.

Do be polite

Because bingo is such a social game, and because the chat rooms are always a ton of fun and laughs, it’s important that you’re polite when you interact with other players (and the bingo host).

Think carefully about what you’re saying before you send that message, and think about whether you might offend someone or make any of the other punters uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to keep conversation light, fun, and away from polarising topics such as religion, politics, or anything inappropriate – just because you’re playing in your bedroom, doesn’t mean anyone wants to join you!

Do learn the lingo

You may notice some players throwing around acronyms and bingo jargon that’s just going over your head. Keep yourself clued-up on what your new bingo friends are saying by learning a bit of bingo language.

Almost every bingo site has a page dedicated to brushing up your online bingo vocabulary, so the next time someone says “lmao, blnt mate” you’ll know they’re being friendly, and not having a stroke.

Do keep your eyes peeled for bonuses

One of the best parts of playing at online bingo sites is that they often hand out bonuses to players. Most online bingo sites will offer you a welcome or sign up bonus, which rewards you with credit or free games for simply making your first deposit into your account.

Bingo chat hosts will also sometimes give out bonuses to players in their bingo room, so keep an eye on the chat and check your emails frequently for any potential bonus offers you’ve received – as a result of your impeccable etiquette, hilarious conversation and good manners, of course.

Do take regular breaks

You should take a short break (a few minutes will do fine) to look away from the screen, do a little stretch, and grab a glass of water regularly. Your body will thank you for one, but you’ll also find that when you sit back down to play, you are mentally energised and ready to have a blast again!


Almost more important than the dos, these don’ts are ones to avoid at all costs. The last thing you want while playing online bingo games is to get into an argument or to be asked to leave as a result of bad behaviour. Keep away from doing any of these simple don’ts, and you’ll be welcome in our online bingo rooms anytime.

Don’t give out personal information

This is a big one – not just to keep things civil during the bingo game, but also to protect you from any suspicious or unwanted interactions with other players. This really applies to anywhere online, but you never know who is on the other end of the usernames in the chat, so keep yourself and your money safe, and just never ever give away any personal information.

Keep in mind that online casino support staff should never ask you for any personal or account information (such as your password), and if anyone tries to get your information, simply ignore them and inform the support staff, who will deal with the scammer properly.

Don’t be a bad winner or loser

Look, we understand that sometimes lady luck is simply not in your corner, and that you may have even had a bad day outside of your bingo game, but that’s no reason to bring the bad vibes into a place of relaxation and fun.

The key is to be humble in victory, and gracious in defeat. Congratulate others on their wins, and wish luck to your opponents for the next game when you win. Everybody loves someone who can win or lose with grace, and it makes playing with them an amazing experience for everyone in the bingo chat room.

Don’t refresh the page

This is not the most common issue, and won’t land you in trouble with any other players, but you could end up losing your money before you even get to a bingo room if you don’t remember this rule. When making a deposit into your account, don’t refresh the page (or press F5, which is a shortcut to refresh the page) or hit the back button during the transaction.

If you are having trouble at any point during the payment process, leave everything as it is and contact the support team to help you immediately. Taking screenshots of where the process is stuck can help clear the issue up in a hurry, so remember to be patient when dealing with support staff.


Now that you’re all brushed up on the dos and don’ts of the online bingo scene, you should be ready to dive right into an online bingo game and start having fun while making some new friends.

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Anonymous / 15 March 2021