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  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE Winning Words

If you are looking for a site to play a relaxing game, then Lucky Pants Bingo is the place! At this top bingo site, you can enjoy Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game. This creation of IGT game provider is a combination of winnings, words and a fortune wheel. Unlike other games, you will not find any reels or payline on Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game .

But the backdrop of Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game  is great; it shows a dark blue display which is decorated with little lights which seem like a starry night. At the same time, you will see an explosion of assorted colours coming your way, which might keep your mood on. In the centre of the background, there is a wheel, shown only half-way. When you are playing Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game , you will feel like in a TV show, while the background music is playing. Plus, sometimes you will hear people shouting some letters or clapping when the right letters are being called out!

You first have to choose your desired stake on the Price Tab, to start Wheel of Fortune Winning Words Instant Win Game . On this field, the different bet amounts you can click on the drop-down are: £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 or £1.00. Once your stake has been placed, you will see three words which will be formed on the display. Then, the wheel will display three arrows of different colours which match those of the words. After having clicked on the ‘Spin’ button, the wheel will spin around and different prize amounts will be stopped on the arrows, and will therefore be associated those words.

You will then see twelve cards on the display, which hide letters. To reveal the hidden letters, you have to click on those cards one by one. If a revealed letter is found in any of the three words, these will be highlighted on the display. After all the letters have been undiscovered and any of the words are completed, you win the prize amount which it corresponds to.

Also, you are awarded a multiplier if any of the words have been completed. To know the multiplier amount, you will be taken to another display which shows any wheel. Initially, the display will consist of 5 multiplier values which will be added to the wheel. The wheel will spin and stop on one multiplier, which will be applied to your wins.

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