Sparkling Fruit Match 3

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  • Sparkling Fruit Match 3

Another day, another interesting and entertaining game! You are presented with Sparkling Fruit Match 3. Yes, it is another addition to the match 3 slot series. The game is a combination of a casual match3 gameplay with a chance to win after each move. During the game, you will create Special Symbols to form winning combinations. Ready to give it a go? Grab your favourite iOS or Android device and enjoy some good dose of fun!

Developed by Novomatic, Sparkling Fruit Match 3 comes with 7-rows and 8-column. The objective is to form a match of 3 or more symbols of the same colour by substituting 2 non-diagonal adjacent symbols. Symbols in combinations will detonate and new symbols fall from the top into the game board. Launch the game at any convenient time on Lucky Pants Bingo!

Set things rolling on Sparkling Fruit Match 3 by adjusting the bet amount of your choice! At the bottom left-hand side of the screen, there is a Bet field where you can select the stake amount. What’s more? You will find displayed the Last Win and Credit below the game’s grid. If you are ready, start up the game!

Sparkling Fruit Match 3 has several special symbols. Take a peek at what they have to offer during the game!

  • Matching Symbols – Symbols fall onto the board from above. If 3 corresponding symbols form a vertical or horizontal match, they are cleared from the board. If 4 or 5 symbols can be linked with one of the creations, they are cleared from the board. Depending on the creation – additional special symbols are created.
  • Bomb Special Symbols – These can only be shifted by one position anywhere. Even if the target location is occupied by a basic, win or special symbol. The detonation of a bomb special symbol is caused simply by moving it – it clears up to 12 adjoining symbols.
  • Bell Special Symbols – These can only be shifted by one position anywhere on Sparkling Fruit Match 3. The exchange can be with a bordering basic, special or win symbol. When a bell special symbol is replaced with another basic symbol, all symbols of the same colour convert into bell special symbols and instantly explode.
  • Win Symbols – After every move, you can find a winning symbol tumble onto the board. You collect the winning symbol by corresponding them with 2 or more of the same colours. Or simply by hitting them with the blast of a special symbol.
  • Cross Special Symbols – They look like the basic symbols in colour but have a special cubic shape. If they are joined with 2 or more symbols of the same colour, they cause an explosion across the vertical column and horizontal line.

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