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Lucky Pants Bingo proudly presents Newlette Classic. This type of roulette game has been designed by Newlette game provider. Newlette Classic is quite similar to Roulette, but it brings along a touch of modernity, with some fun.

Begin the game by selecting the room you would like to play in. Newlette Classic proposes three rooms which have three different minimum bet amounts. These are: Beginner’s Room for £1, Player’s Lounge for £10 and High Roller Suite for £100. The maximum winning amounts varies as per the rooms and these are: £10 for Beginner’s Room, £100 for Player’s Lounge and £1000 for High Roller Suite.

Once you have chosen your room on Newlette Classic, you will be prompted to make a choice of Avatars. There are seven avatars which are are blue cat, green crocodile, brown lady, pink pig, purple alien, red devil and yellow duck. The avatar can be changed after every round that is played.

After having selected your character, place a bet as per your preferences. The bigger your bet amount, the more share you have on the wheel, and your probability to win increases as well. During Newlette Classic, you will be faced against one to four computer opponents. It is only after your bet has been placed that you will discover your number of opponents, the opponents’ bet amounts and the pot amount. As soon as the game begins, a silver ball will roll across the spinning wheel. The colour on which the ball lands determines the winner. The colour of your share is the same as the colour of your avatar.

If you are the winner for 5 times, you will be awarded the Bonus game on Newlette Classic. This round starts by giving out only one free spin on the Newlette Wheel. The silver ball will roll through the wheel and will determine which prize you have won. Each time you are a winner, one golden star will be awarded to you. This will enable you to know how far you are to triggering the bonus round. However, the stars cannot be collected for later and are specific to the room in which it has been won. For example, if you are playing in the Beginner’s room and have collected 3 stars, switching to High Roller Suite will delete the collected stars.

The computer opponents have the capacity to place 60% of the maximum bet amount. Also, if you would like to keep playing for a few rounds, you can simply click on the Auto-spin. This tab will enable you to select a number of games with a specific bet amount, to be played automatically. You can always turn off this option.

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