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There’s a new type of game waiting to be played at Lucky Pants Bingo. Developed by IGT, Monkey Drop Instant Win Game is all about fun and strategies. Not consisting of any reels or paylines, the centre of attention of this game is a wooden plank, which hides all the winnings. On the background of Monkey Drop Instant Win Game, you will see few building which has been built using Chinese architecture. These buildings have become the sleeping palace of few sleeping monkeys. The wood plank is made of small golden balls. Monkey Drop Instant Win Game can be played on mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Did you know that there is a specie of monkey which is known as monkey spiders? They are called so because of their long hands and legs. These species are even kept as pets in some countries as they can be domesticated.

To be able to play Monkey Drop Instant Win Game, you must first select your bet on the Ticket Cost Tab. The various bet options you can choose from are £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 or £10.00. Once your stake has been placed, you are given 7 drops, which equals to 7 chances of winning.

On the display of Monkey Drop Instant Win Game, you will see a tiny monkey gliding over the reels. This monkey holds one green ball with his feet, and you have to click on the ‘Drop’ Tab for these balls to fall onto the wood plank. The bottom of the wood plank is home to six tiles, and these are your winning gateways. The tiles are painted in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink, and each one award different prize amount. Once you click on ‘Drop’, the balls will glide through the golden balls, before falling into one of the tiles. If the ball lands into the middle tile, you are awarded a bonus round which is played on another display. The different prize amounts vary depending on the stake you place. The top bet can bring you a maximum of 150,00 coins.

The display of Monkey Drop Instant Win Game also shows a table. This table illustrates all the winning combinations, their progress and their prize pots. You will see each coloured tile, and next to them, you will see a banana which has been split in three equal parts. Whenever a ball falls into one of those coloured tile, one part of the banana will be lightened up. You win the corresponding amount when all three parts of any coloured tile is fully highlighted.

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